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Arvalem waterfall a bricolage of beauty

‘Goa Goa’- the tagline speaks a lot in itself. Beautiful coastlines, mesmerizing greenery, a façade of Portuguese era houses, carnivals..the list goes on. Though on the top list of all the Tourist itineraries for its ‘Beach and modernity’ concept, Goa has something more to be proud itself of.  Situated 40 kilometers away from the capital city of Panaji in Sanquelim village is the Arvalem waterfall. Set amidst an enchanting...Read More...

The Quiet Storm

Goa is still recovering from last year’s controversies, but that shouldn’t keep you away, says Vivek Menezes.

The rivers still surge red at monsoon end in Goa. A mantle of green lingers on its undulating landscape of hills and rice paddies. It’s exactly like the...Read More...
Borscht on the Beach

Vivek Menezes gorges his way through the state’s best restaurants.

Vegan in the land of vindaloo? Do you seek borscht instead of bebinca? Want to eat at the best Burmese restaurant on the planet? You’ve come to the right place. Goa has it all, with world-class chefs hidden away behind...Read More...

Lines in the sand

Goan art is ready to explode on the national stage, reports Vivek Menezes.

The past 18 months have been a breakthrough period for Goan artists. Starting from minimal national attention and a largely nonexistent collector base in the state, the Goan scene has moved determinedly towards the fast lane of the Indian art world. Partly as a result, several new art-centred institutions have been planned, including a huge set of galleries at the old Adil Shah Palace on the Panjim waterfront,...Read More...

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