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1st International Heritagejazz Festival On 28th November 2010Back to Events

 3 Band (Austria) with Ranajit Sengupta on Sitar 

K3 have been referred to as the enfant terrible of the Austrian Jazz scene. With their fusion of acoustically and electronically generated beats and sounds, the three unconventional artists walk on a tightrope between pop and free jazz.

Their genre-busting style oscillates between dub, trance, noise and drum and bass and the three musicians boldly defy conventions and create a space for artistic freedom. In doing so, they play Jazz in its original meaning: crossing borders, pushing boundaries… far out! - keeping aloof from clichés and mainstream, leaving the beaten track of academic, inane high-speed Jazz.

Improvisation, spontaneity and humour are the main ingredients of the soup they cook up during their performances. Music emerges; it happens live - exclusively!

K3 reinvent themselves with every performance. They alienate, destroy and recreate - and never remain the same. Their music contradicts reproduction and thereby allows the audience to experience a unique feeling of becoming part of the development of K3. Some may call it Jazz - we call it art, anyway!

K3 - corners and edges - as a matter of principle!
The band is: Herbert Könighofer (sax, flutes), Robert Kainar (drums, perussion, electronics), Klaus Kircher (double-bass, e-bass, guitar) 

RANAJIT SENGUPTA (on Sarod, as featured soloist)Ranajit`s musical passion began with Mandolin and performed for Air at the age of six. His first record on Light Instrumental Music (Mandolin) released by INRECO (Hindusthan Records) in 1979. In 1987, Ranajit switched over to Sarode (String Instrument) under the tutelage of Late Ustad Dhyanesh Khan, followed by advanced training under Sarode maestro Ustad Ashish Khan. He has also participated in many workshops conducted by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan in India and the United States.

Ranajit has obtained his Graduation & Master’s degree in Music from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, securing 1st Position. Enlisted as lecturer (NET Qualified) for Indian Universities by the Government of India (UGC) since 1993.
Besides being an "A" grade Sarode Player of All India Radio since 1994, Ranajit has been touring extensively in the United States, Canada, Latin America and various European Countries including Germany, France, England, Scotland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Italy, Russia, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, Croatia and the Caribbean Islands for concerts, lectures and workshops.
He also represented India in international Music Festivals in Paris, Hamburg, Moscow, Martinique, Tallinn, Zagreb, etc.

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