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Alex Stuart

Guitarist Alex Stuart hails from Canberra, Australia, and now lives and performs in Paris, France, where he moved in September 2005. Upon his arrival, he formed the 'The Alex Stuart Quartet' with a desire to fuse his own identifiably Australian groove/rock oriented sound with the best Paris had to offer. The Parisian scene, characterized by its strong presence of 'world music' whether it be African, Indian, South American or other, has also been a strong influence on Stuart's compositional style. This can be heard on the quartet's new album 'Around', released at the prestigious ' Sunset Jazz Club' in Paris in October 2010. Drawing on the musical heritage of four continents, the album combines Stuart’s admiration for jazz luminaries like Kurt Rosenwinkel and Bill Frisell with the sounds of Africa, India and Australia. The music is also heavily inspired by Stuart’s 2009 residency in Kolkata, under the guidance of master sarodist Anindya Banerjee. Alongside Stuart will be the the immensely talented musicians, Guillaume Perret on saxophone (Guillaume Perret and the Electric Epic, Collectif Lebocal, No Square, Miles Ozazaki), Yoann Serra on drums (ONJ, David Reinhardt, Christian Escoude, NHX) and Munir Hossn on bass (Mayra Andrade, Catia Werneck, Gilberto Gil, Lenine, Seamus Blake).

Tere Estrada is a name that invites to musical enjoyment. Composer, singer, guitar player, sociologist and writer native of Mexico City, she has practically performed in all Mexico's venues for 20 years. As a soloist or with bands as Follaje, Entenados del Enjambre, Edén Subterráneo and Esquina Bajan, Tere has distinguished herself by the passion showed in each of her performances and the professionalism in her job. Overseas she has participated in multiple festivals, cultural centers, universities, and alternative forums in USA, Norway, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and Germany. She has opened for international artists as Jovanotti, Aterciopelados and Canned Heat and Mexican legends as Javier Bátiz, Guillermo Briseño, Nina Galindo, Betsy Pecanins and Jorge Reyes

She's an artist that in the musical ground fusions genres as blues, rock, jazz and latin rhythms. Her way of performing is close to guitarist Bonnie Raitt, though her singing style reminds us to the school of the great jazz singers. Her lyrics talk about eroticism, solitude, sexual harassment, domestic violence. She sings to the great city and its characters

Estrada wrote the book ”Sirens on the attack” (History of the women rockers in Mexico 1956-2000) and in 2006 presented to the world “Live”, her more recent musical production, in addition to the documentary "Love roars as a lion" directed by Andrea Borboll. Tere has been the producer and artistic directress of her six albums. As a singer she has done jingles and dubbing. Done the voice of a hippopotamus in the animated movie Rodolf the Reindeer. Collaborated in the CD's of: YAX, Women on the Run, Laura Abitia and Gore Matraca. Besides her soloist career since 1998 she has participated in the jazz trio YAX that means renovation in Mayan.

The band
The Tere Estrada: Guitar
Dario Federico: Bass
Octavio Patiño: Sax

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