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Andy Grosskopf -- 18th to 22th January 2008Back to Events

"Andy Grosskopf, the band's mastermind is one of those musicians, who doesn't belong to the usual Leipzig Jazz circle, but is doing his own thing. His album "Type: G", released three years ago was a groove-dominated work, experimenting with atypical sounds. "File under: G" didn't lose the slightest bit of the powerful playing of "Type: G", but is more purist in the Jazz sense, there's lots of time and space for the tracks to explore moods. There's space for beautiful atmospheres and on the other hand the music creates opportunities for extensive solos, sometimes appearing a little old-fashioned because of their immense length. Grosskopf's saxophone, only seldom having the final say is always present and dominating the scene because of his sheer sound power.

He was down here in Goa at Campal and performed at East meets West-Baga , Ingos Bazar-Arpora and Ice Cube in Carazalem

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