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Bulgarian-Parisian Gypsy Jazz - 25th January 2010Back to Events

She was simply ravishing in a gorgeous pink dress with heels to match as she took stage at the Gonsalves Mansion on the eve of Republic Day; when Djaima and her band started, the home of jazz was crackling as if on hot coals. 8pm on a Monday meant people drove down after a hard day at work to chill out to some exciting music; some took a break from the grapes and enjoyed beer instead as they bobbed their heads to some superb Bulgarian-Parisian Gypsy jazz.

The jazz yard was bedecked in a clash of bright pinks, purples, gold, turquoise and greens, hanging beneath the lamps and gracing the small chickoo tree near the entrance. It was a marvelous evening of magic, mystery and fun with the high energy ensemble led by Djaima (Emanuelle Petrova ep Bruneau), a violinist, singer and actress of the finest caliber. Karsten Hochapfel, Germany’s most popular jazz Cello player was sensational, Nicolas Cambon created waves with his trumpeting prowess, Aleksi Aubry-Carlson, talented and versatile was a strumming wonder while Julien Anguier de Moussac kept perfect rhythm on the drums. Each artist brought their own charm, eccentricities and flavour to the act, creating an exciting, musical celebration.

With shows like this one, the year of Music 2010 is definitely rocking at Heritage Jazz creating huge success and buzz around the state and even the country. Always known for their exceptional quality events with a wide range of musicians, styles, genres and always giving the public something novel and exciting to come to, Heritage jazz hosted some mystery, magic and of course, music as Goans flocked to Campal, for a colourful, power packed gypsy party!

Djaima interestingly is a Sanskrit word which means, victory to you mother and the lady behind this stage name comes from Toutrakan, a small town by the Danube. She is a performer from the heart and creates magic when on stage, her music is strongly influenced by theatrics, dance and influences of World Music; she has performed across the globe at various events and enthralled audiences with a mystic and musical spells. In February 2009, she put her heart and soul into “Voice for Peace” where she participated with various global musicians, to create hymns and songs for peace in each country. They go beyond music and entertainment, keeping such interests at heart, creating another common ground with Heritage Jazz, which is also known for all its peace and charity associations.

Djaima and band, sizzled on stage with folk rhythms, gypsy sounds, Balkan tunes, world music and a whole range of colourful styles that got everyone grooving to their wonderful fusion fete.

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