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Dedicating Father's Day to Mother Earth
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Dedicating Father's Day to Mother Earth



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Goa ForGiving along with the Botanical Society of Goa organised a Fruit and Vegetable Planting workshop at the Gonsalves Mansion on Father’s Day, 15th June, 2014. The theme was “Dedicating Father’s Day to Mother Earth”. Scientists call growing of plants as “Crop Husbandry” which talks of being a husband to the crop, this led to the idea of dedicating the day to Mother Nature.



Mr. Miguel Braganza, Member of the Executive Committee of the Botanical Society of Goa along with Dr. K.G. Hiremath demonstrated on how to grow plants in the pot at your homes. The Workshop basically focused on growing fruit and vegetable plants in cities, encouraging organic kitchen gardens in your own houses.




Prominent citizens such as Ms. Mangala Wagle, Founder of the Hamara School, St. Inez; Valerie Rodrigues of Goa Sudharop; Mr. Anil Mazumdar among others were present. The highlight of the workshop were the Hamara School kids who showed a lot of interest in learning how to plant fruits and vegetables. They also helped in some of the demonstations and were very enthused to learn something different. Founder of Hamara School, Ms. Mangala Wagle was very delighted by this workshop who aslo showed interest in introducing tree plantation as part of the activities at the Hamara School. She said that children should be encouraged from a very young age to be involved in activities like these and was glad that Goa ForGiving took up this workshop and shared with the Children. A lot of nature lovers also attended who benefited from this workshop.




Later after the workshop, the Children of Hamara School recited a few poems on Fathers, sang songs and played instrumental music. All in all it was a fun and educative morning at the Gonsalves Mansion as we dedicated Father’s Day to Mother Earth. 



Adopt a Tree

Goa ForGiving has also come up with the concept of “Adopt a Tree”, wherein we urge every individual to come forward and pledge to look after a tree. It could mean planting a sapling in your locality and looking after it or looking after a tree which already exists and is in the danger of being felled.

This Father's Day, come forward and "Adopt a Tree". Take responsibility of its safety and support our Mother Nature.


                                        You can make a difference!

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A press conference was held a few days before the event at the Gonsalves Mansion. We must state that the press conferences held at our place are rather relaxed and more comfortable unlike the professional ones. 

Addressing the Press conference are Mr. Miguel Braganza´╗┐, Member of the Executive Committee of the Botanical Society of Goa and  Shaeen Gomes -Project Co-ordinator for Goa ForGiving. 





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What the Media has to say about us!



We thank each and everyone who contributed in making this event a success that it was. Most importantly we would like to thank Mr. Miguel Braganza, Member of the Executive Committee of the Botanical Society of Goa for putting up an amazing workshop. Goa ForGiving is proud and honoured to be associated with you! 

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