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Gypsy Groove by the Beach - 1st May 2010Back to Events

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ All play and no work however, is a better way to go. On May 1st 2010, International Labour day, all work was left behind as men slipped into their Bermudas and ladies in their florals let down their hair and headed to Zeebop’s for an electric evening of great Gypsy music, good grub and laughter that ran into the night.

Harri Stojka was electrifying on the guitar with excellent backing from his band; Claudius Jelinek on his guitar, Heimo Wiederhofer on the drums and Karl Sayer on double bass.

When Harri Stojka was a kid, his dad gave him a plastic guitar he got at the fair. Only six years old, little Harri was visibly fascinated by it. So Harri's father didn't waste any time and bought him a real instrument that was appropriate for his age. From that point on, the classical or Spanish guitar became the focus of all of Harri's attention. From the very beginning, his father told him that he had to practice until his fingers smoked. One day Harri said, "Papa, I practice and practice, but I don't see any smoke!"

Today he takes the same approach to the guitar and last Saturday evening, the atmosphere was surely smoking with Harri clad in a fiery hue strumming up a storm, as people sipped on pinacolada trying to cool down while even the waves rushed to the shore to catch wind of the spectacular concert in the sand.

The guitars filled the evening with that gypsy charm and splendour casting a musical spell on all present.

Way into the show, the audience was treated to a special surprise performance by Goa’s young talent, Varun Carvalho, who has released a great debut album ‘Gotta go Home’ comprising of honest meaningful lyrics. It was a great performance followed by much appreciation from the smiling audience.
Heritage Jazz always has something unique and different to offer its audience and this show was no exception; Gypsy jazz is now etched in the minds and hearts of all the wonderful people at the show.

The Harri Stojka Quartet ended with some gorgeous gypsy guitar tunes and Heritage Jazz had an exciting auction of their CD which was truly engaging and fun; some enjoyed bidding while others watched on, excitedly.
The night was truly spectacular and everyone left feeling a little giddy with all that Gypsy jazz!

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