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Heritage Jazz Yatra George Brooks -- 23rd January 2005Back to Events

George Brooks and Leni Stern performed at Gonsalves Mansion along with Sunny Jain an American of Indian origin on the drums and Gary Wong on the electric double bass on 23 January 2005.

George Brooks has a unique melodic voice, his saxophone and piano performances are always strong on technical fluency and his dynamic stage presence makes him a much sought after performer.

Leni stern played the guitar and the evening began on a very relaxed note with Leni and George playing – he on the piano and she on the guitar. It slowly worked up and took off with Sunny Jain joining the duo with Gary Wong on the electric double bass . He was the star of the evening the runs he performed on the double bass delighted his audience. George Brooks’ saxophone playing was great. The combined effect of the two saxophones, one double bass and guitar was outstanding. The strange thing was Brooks and Sunny both live and work in New York , but had never met each other. It took Goa and a bunch of jazz lovers in a heritage house in a beautiful city to bring them together.

With so much success for the show in such a short period, Trancemedia took up the prestigious band of Sunny Jain and his trio from the US . As if this was not enough, world renowned jazz saxophonist George Brooks was in India at that time in the company of Leni Stern also from New York and the five got together and set the streets of Campal on fire with their superb music. This fourth show in the series was held on the 23rd of January 2005 .

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