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Heritage Jazz at the Rebello Mansion -- 10th October 2004Back to Events

In early December, the show was graced by the Brown Indian Band which comprised of Colin D’Cruz and a host of musicians from North India as well as from South India besides having a Western Jazz segment led by Jayson Jones of Chicago . The show was an instant success and of course, Heritage Jazz was here to stay.

The show featured world renowned Indian saxophone player, Padmashree Kadri Gopalnath who enthralled the audience as he toyed with the saxophone to create sounds that were absolutely incredible. He was accompanied by another genius, young Harikumar (www.hariviolin.com) of Kerala who was the recipient of the Violin Chakaravarthy at the hands of the then President of India, Mr. R.Venkataraman.

Both Kadri and Hari set the quiet village of Betalbatim ablaze with sounds that had the audience spellbound. Of special note was the way Hari toyed with his violin to come up with an exciting rendition of the raga Hare Rama, Hare Krishna, moving on to an emotional Vande Mataram and since no one would allow him to leave, an absolutely exhilarating display of emotion in the rendition of our National Anthem which got the stunned audience on its feet in a spontaneous expression of reverence for our motherland. 

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