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It all started way back in December 2001, when Armando Gonsalves and a team of jazz loving friends such as Valerio Sequeira, Carlos Monteiro, George Fernandez, Caetano Filiipe Colaco, Lester Godinho, Carlos Tavora, Colin D’Cruz, Mac Dourado and ohers got together to organize small home events at Armando’s home aka Gonsalves Mansion.

In December 2001, the show held on the 18 th was a spur-of-the-moment decision taken since everyone wanted to have a great start to the festive week that was just a few days away.

And what a night it was. George Fernandez, Lester Godinho, Carlos Monteiro, Mac Dourado, Benny Rosario and a host of other local stars were seen in action, and so much was the action that the 33 metre long verandah of the home was fully occupied by jazz lovers who had come from all over. Those shows were completely free of charge and each one was more like a pound party where everyone pooled in with a drink here, some snacks there and a whole lot of bonhomie.

The show was graced by Shaukat Baig who just landed up from nowhere. In any case, we did not know who he was till Valerio introduced him as his brother-in-law much to our delight. Shaukat is a wonderful musician and he played raga on the piano amongst so many other interesting numbers besides being absolutely fantastic on the mike. We were truly entertained by this wonderful entertainer.


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