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After the spectacular success of “Rain or Shine, Konkani Rocks!” it is quite apparent that the music that drives Goa, Goans & the people who love Goa, is Konkani music.


With Lorna hitting a musical high that few envisaged and with crowds thronging the venue at Campal, many of whom had to return home disappointed since tickets were long sold out, a sequel to the show seemed only but obvious. Hence, we are proud to announce “Konkani Rocks Goa! Celebrating Lorna and More…” which will be held on 22nd September 2010 at Ravindra Bahavan, Margao.



Without doubt, the voice that has united Goans of all generations, geographical locations and social situations is Lorna’s. From the upper classes to the down trodden, the young and the old, Lorna holds sway, bringing people together through the pure joy of music. All of this was so evident at our last show when people hugged her, kissed her, touched her feet and did just about everything to confirm a rock star like status on her. It was also palpable that Gonsalves Mansion, the home of Jazz, exuded the powerful visualization of love, peace and all things good, transporting Lorna to that era of romanticism and bringing alive the scores of people who were present. Bringing the scintillating show to an even more magnificent close was Remo Fernandes, Goa’s other pop icon, who carried the love, honor and respect of the people on to the stage and straight to Lorna that night of 20th August. Her response, as always, was down to earth and filled with humility and grace. Later, eminent members of the Goan society said that, while this event was one of the best they had attended in their lives, the experience itself was impossible to describe in words.


With Goa’s high tech auditorium, Ravindra Bhavan, now slated as the next venue for the rejuvenated and raring-to-go Lorna, it is quite obvious that her checkered career is now hitting a humongous high. And with her ten member brass and electronic ensemble all set to back her, it promises to be a musical and visual treat for all present.


So, with Lorna reaching this great peak in her career, we intend to honour her in the highest possible manner. While various journalists, newspapers, magazines, radio stations and individuals of repute have been vying with one another to sing praises to the woman who is Queen, we aspire to pull out all the stops necessary to put her back on the majestic musical throne. We just hope that the Government will also realize that official recognition is long overdue and that it will accord Goa’s Nightingale the ultimate honour as deemed fit. We have to honour the people that have done us and the state proud and it is this that will make us stand out as a society that is caring, upright and loving. So come join us because the time to honor the Queen is NOW.

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Name avinash
Email Idavinash.pereira@yahoo.in
MessageHi!! i missed out last time around but i heard a hell lot from people who were there. And this time you bet i shall be there. just email me the time and other details. Keep up the good work.
Name stanley fernandes
Email Idstanman2010@rediffmail.com
Messagethakx heritage jazz esp.mr.Armando for bringing a great show on 22nd sept.Its the perfect time to really bow and honour the nigthingale of goa-Lorna. kudos to you and everyone who are toiling hard for bringing forth great event.

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