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Significance of Goa forgiving…….

Everyone is hurt by someone in their life in one-way or another.  To forgive or not is one of our life’s biggest choices. It is an important choice for our own emotional wellness, and this choice is with consequences.

Consider this question-if the harm we have experienced leads us to a life dominated by unresolved anger, a negative image of ourselves and an inability to trust, are we not allowing the one who has hurt us to continue to have power over us? When we have sleepless nights cycling and recycling thoughts about old hurts, when we seethe with anger, when we ask questions repetitively that seem to have no answers, we continue to suffer the consequences of being hurt.
Choosing to Forgive
Forgiving the one who caused us harm may seem like the last thing we would want to do. We may feel that evil should never be forgiven. But we are wrong we should! An important thing in mind, however, is that when we forgive, we are primarily doing it for ourselves, not for the other person. Forgiving is one way of letting go of old baggage so that we can move on with our lives. There are no deadlines for choosing the option of forgiveness. Forgiving is a highly personal act, and it will not happen until we are ready to let go of the old hurt and move on in our lives with a sense of personal empowerment. We must prepare for it, and this requires a deep look into our lives. Above all, it is a choice and some people may choose not to forgive at all. This is a perfectly valid personal decision in certain situations.
"If we really want to love, we must learn how to forgive." - Mother Theresa
GoaForgiving is basically rendering support to the society and community at large. Be with us in this nobel cause
Send us your experience about forgiving and even your problems to forgive at nvp_2007@yahoo.co.in or armandogoa@yahoo.co.in.
You can even call us at our office number:0832-2228010
For more details log on to our website www.goaforgiving.com or www.goaforgiving.org
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