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When we first thought of the concept of having a grand music festival in the rains, everyone thought we had gone crazy. But when our CEO Armando Gonsalves has been participating in Jazz festivals in Europe, and when many of these are held during wet weather conditions during the European summer season, it was obvious that we as a concepts company would tailor make a concept for Goan conditions. And that is how “Rain or Shine, Konkani Rocks” came into being!

At first, when August started off as one of the wettest in many monsoon seasons, we did develop cold feet during the first week of the month, but then, we are people of faith, and by faith we marched on. And boy, wasn’t God with us right through? August was wet wet wet before our show, and it continues to be wet wet wet after it. But, we were provided a window of a couple of days when the rains subsided quite a bit. Of course, we were ready with a rain cover, and with exciting tri colour umbrellas, and everything was ready to go!

Lorna is the Nightingale of Goa, and she embodies the Spirit of Goa like no one else has. Even though she might have been going through a not so good phase, we believed deep in our hearts that she is the Queen, and no one would dare even think of disputing that. She entered the arena with hands high up, victory, and the crowd responded with a standing ovation as many of her known fans hugged and kissed her as she went on accepting the accolades of those present. When she eventually went up on stage and started the concert with the emotional “Aikat muzo tavo” a loud roar of approval rent the air.


On the left is just before the crowd rose to their feet, in salute to the Queen! On the right, you see Pop Star Remo Fernandes, Armando Gonsalves, CEO Heritage Jazz and Nitin Kunkolienker, M.D. Digilinks, rising up to honour the woman who has stolen many hearts!


The concert was stunning, with a seven piece band supporting Lorna, and they comprised of, amongst others, a brass section comprising of trombone, saxophone and trombone much to the delight of the jam packed crowd that took over the streets of Campal just in front of our famed Home of Jazz, Gonsalves Mansion. While Lorna belted out song after song, exciting singers such as Sidhanath Buyao, Purnanand Chari, Jasmine Rosario, Mr and Mrs Tomazinho Cardozo, the stunningly sweet voiced Sonia Shirsat, Webly Gomes and others chipped in as Lorna took rest between sets of three or four numbers each. All of them were superb, and the crowd could not believe the feast of music that poured out from the heavens. Lorna’s back up was provided by Norman Cardozo on keyboards, Anthony de Velim on trumpet, Sammy Braganza on trombone, Roy on Saxophone, Richie on lead guitar, Anthony (LYNX) on bass and Jack Rebello on drums. They were simply outstanding as they did their bit in supporting the woman who has swayed Goan hearts through the decades.


On the left, you see the brass section that backed Lorna, and on the right, the crowds that filled the venue to capacity, and more! It was truly a day to remember!

The concert had three distinct firsts. The tiatr, “Thikkan” made history of being the first tiatr to reach to the streets of Panjim. The “privileged” children of St Inez bundh area, all of whom are trained by us in Konkani singing, were the first non Goan singers group to hit a stage of Konkani music, thus strengthening the fabric of National Integration. .


On the left is a shot from the tiatr, "Thikann" and on the right, history being made in the form of "privileged" children from Karnataka singing the Goencho Mando. These kids are being trained by us and they are enjoying singing and dancing to Konkani tunes


 lastly and most excitingly, pop icon Remo Fernandes jumped up on stage and sang for the first time ever with Lorna, thus bringing two of Goa’s most loved musicians together for the first time. They did a duet on the song “Bebdo”, bringing the over 1000 people crowd on their feet, singing and dancing in ecstacy.

 Lorna and Remo sang together for the first together, a stunning performance that left people gasping for more!


Most importantly, a man of the caliber of ex Speaker of the Goa Assembly, Mr. Tomazinho Cardozo, who is also a famed tiatrist and singer, was the M.C. at the show along with Goa’s other nightingale Sonia Shirsat thus bringing in glamour and punch to the show that had style, panache, glitter, quality of music, star power and all that one would look forward to in a night that stunned everyone not only at the venue itself but across the world, as Goans lapped up information on the show that made World Goa Day a day to reckon with.


 Tomazinho Cardozo, Ex Speaker of the Goa Assembly and Sonia Shirsat, Goa's other nightingale, did yeoman service to Konkani whilst leading the show so admirably. It is amazing that people of their seniority gave so much of themselves whilst honouring Konkani and Lorna.

Our thanks to Rene Barretto who egged us on to do this show, we are delighted that we could do an event of this magnitude, and are grateful to the support and love that we have received from Goans and others from across the world.

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Name Andrew Paul Fernandes
Email Idandrewpaulfernandes
MessageIt was an beautiful life time experience of the show that i witnessed on 20th aug 2010 at Armand place. Looking forward for more such events in near future organized by heritagejazz. Keep it up Mr.Armand.

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