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Rock D Blues -- 18th December 2005Back to Events

After a great start to the 2005 season, a seemingly unknown band Soulmate arrived in Goa courtesy our good friend Amt Saigal from Delhi who convinced us that the ensemble was one of the best blues bands that he had handled in his long years in music production. And, he was absolutely spot on.

Based in Shillong where there is a great depth of western music, Soulmate consists of Rudy Wallang (who composed the song for the Guinness World Record breaking attempt of having the maximum drummers performing at one time. They had 7951 of them much to the awe of the world) who is a fabulous blues guitarist, Tipriti Kharbankar who started off as a gospel singer and graduated into blues and two others seen here performing at our show in 2005.

The only show produced by us which had a sparse crowd, we were disappointed that we did not manage a full house but that has only given us the resolve to produce the show again since people from all over have been demanding that we bring them back. And why not? 2006 has been a great year for Soulmate……..they broke the Guinness World Record as stated above and are currently (Jan-Feb 2006) in Memphis USA performing to the blues crazy people of that country.

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