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Samba Jazz -- 22nd January 2006Back to Events

Samba jazz night belonged to Mandu Sarara, a five-member band led by Beto Sporleder. The music was unusual Latin jazz and samba music much to the delight of a packed audience made up of the Latin loving people of Goa, including our late Consul General of the Portuguese embassy Pedro Cabral Adao, Bebe Costa and family, Karl Vaz and family, Cecilia Menezes, Antonio Sousa, about 400 more jazz lovers. The ambience was electric, fully lit up (all ablaze in true Trancemedia style) Goa ’s Remo Fernandes chipped in with his songs and thanked the organizers for bringing a Brazilian band to Goa for the first time.

The music was pure samba with ancient Brazilian tribal beats carried straight from the rural villages of Brazil , incorporated into the music of the evening. The audience had come ready to hear the usual sensuous Brazilian samba but they were astounded by the soulful throbbing beat of the ancient tribal music of Brazil . Samba icon of Goa Carlos Monteiro celebrated his birthday by performing with the band much to the delight of the Goan crowd and to the band who loved his music.

Mandu Sarara means the “Blond Portuguese Men” in Toopee Guarani, a tribal language of Brazil . Lucas Vargas was amazing playing the keyboards with his left hand and the escoleta, a portable wind keyboard with his right hand. Mario Galotto sat on a stool with his feet pressing pedals that kicked brushes against small drum surfaces while his left hand rocked a tambourine and his right hand thrummed the skin in short bursts. Rodrigo Braganza played wonderfully on his acoustic guitar and on the electric guitar. Beto Sporleder made beautiful music on his transverse flutes and soprano saxophone.

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