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Saskia Laroo Quintet -- 8th & 9th December 2007Back to Events

The “Saskia Laroo Quintet ” show that was held on the 8th & 9th of December 2007. The show was part of the Heritage Jazz series and was extremely well received.Saskia Laroo Quintet, comprising Saskia Laroo, William Sebestian, Philippe Lemn, Daniel Gueli and Warren Byrd proved why they are the most sought after jazz band. They were simply fabulous, as they are always.

Saskia Laroo, a celebrated trumpeter combined various forms of music into a vivacious blend of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, funk reggae and world music that got people into the dancing mood. She along with Warren Byrd on the piano, William Sebastien on the beatbox, Philippe Lemm on drums and Daniel Gueli on Bass was absolutely fabulous.


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