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Shuffle Demons -- 4th January 2006Back to Events

Anyway you look at them, anywhere in the world and anytime during these last 20 years, this is a livewire band. With three amazing saxophonists, a dancing drummer, and a killer upright bass player, Toronto-based jazz band Shuffle Demons rocked the spectators at Highway Village Porvorim, on 4 January 2006.

The Demons call their music “Bop Rap”, but basically they produce some good innovative jazz. With Mike Murley, Stich Wynston, Jim Vivian, Dave Parker and Richard Underhill this band has been around for almost 20 years. They have toured round the world and jammed up with the best of the best. They started out as a street band and have kept the old number of players: three saxes, a drum kit and a stand up bass, just as they did on the street. Bop rap is a combination of be-bop and hip-hop. Shuffle Demons brings that universal spirit of the street into their performances, hard, vigorous, no holds barred and have great fun bringing their music to a delighted audience. Not only music they give the audience much, much more than what was expected. This time there was poetry too. What do you want was turned into a long exciting solo drum and vocal performance by drummer Stich Wynston.

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