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Sigrun Jording Quartet -- 20th December 2009 ... a gentle musical rhapsody...Back to Events

A cool breeze blew through the courtyard on Sunday evening, one of the best features of a classic Goan winter. The little square filled up quickly with colours, exchanged pleasantries and whispers of excitement; a perfect atmosphere with soft lights aiding the moonlight in framing the lovely gathering. The air seemed a buzz like the sparks of a crackling fire; you just got the feeling something wonderful was going to happen.Four smiling faces took the stage, hiding their high quality musical profile under a gentle coat of modesty. Sigrun, Thijs, Thomas and Georges, clad in cotton pastels, exuded a mellow charm that broke forth from their sweet smiles. When they began, drums, guitar and keyboard led by the powerful saxophone fused together forming magical melodic spells that just seemed to take our breath away. The audience was drawn in from the first swish of their musical enchantment.

The outstanding quartet played some excellent tunes, including those of their new album, Istanbul experience, which comprises a number of pieces, inspired by places they’ve visited. ‘Strolling through Harlem with you’, a sweet peaceful melody flitted around gleefully, sprouting a warm smile on everyone listening. They played a couple of compositions of jazz greats that were appreciated generously by the jazz savvy crowd. Another beautiful piece was ‘Autumn Leaves’ which Sigrun introduced saying “Autumn is a sad time when the leaves fall down… but its beautiful and inspired this one.” They also threw in a few Christmas Carols, jazz style which set in that Christmassy feeling that made everyone a wee bit more cheery.
On stage, the fantastic four were completely at ease and seemed to communicate with each and complimented each other while giving each one space to enthrall with their respective solos. There was a mutual understanding and a fair performance by each of them, highlighting each of their talents and styles as a soloist and as a band. Sigrun simply scintillated on the saxophone, Thijs Borsten was a whiz on the keyboard, Thomas Winter Anderson entertained on the guitar and Georges du Buy kept the tempo on the drums. The Sigrun Jording Quartet delivered superior quality music and entertainment while interacting with everyone present, making it a personal and intimate experience.
During the breaks the band members were seen mixing about with the people, smiling for shutterbugs and sipping on Carlsberg. The mood was just right with the perfect ambience, music and people coming together to enjoy a beautiful evening. As the last notes drifted about one couldn’t help marveling at this amazing foursome. For Sigrun and her band ‘the moon surely can’t be high enough’.
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