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Something Relevant ...something different - 10th January 2010Back to Events

Superb! Scintillating! Wicked! Wow! Amazing! Wild! Rocking! Mind blowing! – Just a few of the comments I got a sneak of as they piled into the cap that went around the yard on Sunday the 10th of Jan 2010, The Year of Music it is! The crazy lads from Bombay, Something Relevant, got the Jazz yard in Campal vibrating to their tunes with an entertaining mix of all kinds of everything! From rock to pop to funk to rap to reggae to jazz, they sure didn’t miss out on anything.

Each of the eight were a spring of energy, creativity and talent that bubbled forth onto the stage and into the audience pumping the whole show up, taking it to a higher plane. With Stu taking us high on the bass, Aalok keeping rhythm on percussion, Tanmay tantalizing us with some strum, Armeet driving us crazy with his trombone, Ryan sizzling on Sax, JJ drumming up a storm and the amazing Aazin blowing us away with his dramatic vocals. They started off warming up the crowd with something light and built it up to a crescendo, driving the crowd into a musical frenzy.

The crowd at Heritage Jazz was as eclectic as the music itself, with a vibrant range of folk, from the young ones to the young at heart; their music captured everyone’s wild side and gave us all something to talk about, laugh about, sing about or dance about. It was one crazy party with Armeet switching to beatbox spontaneously, Stu doing a mean rap track, JJ humouring us with his mosquito theatrics or Aazin singing his way into the crowd leaving them speechless. The energy level, immense spontaneity, highly innovative performances and the positive buzz about the place was just unbelievable.

The band chilled with the crowd and a few beers and threw in some interesting tidbits during their performance. It truly was something spectacular, straight out of the records of Heritage Jazz high class entertainment; the band, the audience, the setting and everything surrounding the show was something different. This show screamed for superlatives in every way; the year of music sure looks like a great one.

After a while the two front rows of chairs disappeared as cool guys and pretty young lasses took to the front of the stage, tapping their feet away, enjoying grooving by the large speakers; the party got on the next octave and even the older generation was seen shaking a leg. The band got off the stage and merged with the crowed much to the joy of the dreamy eyed damsels, squealing with delight; it seemed like a high school party at the Gonsalves Mansion.

The show rocked on beyond the set time with the crowd demanding encore after encore making the band play 4 more tracks after the supposed last one; the band had to literally tell the crazy audience that it was time to hit the sack. This party at the Home of Jazz sure was something else… Something different… Something Relevant.

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