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South Africa Calling -The Marcus Wyatt Quintet - 17th January 2010Back to Events

The South African musical safari began on the 17th of Jan 2010, on a gorgeous twilight evening at the Jazz courtyard in Campal. The trees in the yard, the soft glow of lamps, the evening air and the sound of insects gave it that authentic jungle feeling. People piled in quickly, each one trying to save a seat beneath a netted roof of footballs, surrounded by football jerseys hung beneath each lamp; the ambience was a fusion of the South African wilderness and football.

Heritage Jazz events are and have always been bringing people together, sharing good times, making great music and greater memories all for the love of Goa. The past year had us thoroughly entertained with a musical buffet from Jazz for football and Jazz Nirvana to sensational Dutch musicians and our beloved Konkani Rocks; what an amazing array of concepts and shows.

South Africa Calling is definitely another feather in the cap for Armando Gonsalves and Heritage Jazz. The Marcus Wyatt quintet captured the audience with their sheer talent, style and stage presence as they performed an array of their songs. Marcus and Siya Makuzeni blended beautifully together with his saxophone and her amazing vocals. Melissa Van der Spuy was excellent on the keyboard, Prince Bulo entertained on bass while Justin Badenhorst was sensational on drums and Gavan Eckhart handled their sound very well.

Siya’s voice was exceptional and she silenced the crowd with her vocal dramatics; everyone sat mesmerized as her voice floated through the courtyard. Siya was surely a wide eyed wonder when she sang, her voice echoing sounds of the jungle, bouncing about highs and lows and rivaling the very instruments that support her. Siya casually commented that she was afraid they were doing something wrong as the courtyard was too quiet to be true; the band is used to a lot of energy and sound from their audience. Campal however, was stunned speechless by their formidable performance and gaped in appreciation.

Marcus, highly acclaimed and talented trumpeter belongs to the breed of new generation South African musicians- respectful of the past, yet, moving forward without fear of twisting boundaries. He has performed around the globe and worked with an impressive array of musicians. This was their first time in India and they made the most of it.

Heritage Jazz took the Quartet to two local schools for special workshops with the students. The lasses at Green Rosary School in Dona Paula were truly excited and enthusiastic as they interacted with the band; it felt like a set of a musical on Monday, the 18th of January 2010. The very next day, the Quartet hopped off at Father Agnel College in Pilar for another fun filled, music workshop; the pretty girls were fascinated by Justin, surrounding him for autographs. The Workshops concluded the wonderful musical safari and left all listeners alive with the sounds and flavours of Africa.

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