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TAL KRAVITZ Ft. Lorraine Aloysius & Olavo 'Live' :powered by Heritage JazzBack to Events


TAL KRAVITZ Ft. Lorraine Aloysius & Olavo 'Live' :powered by Heritage Jazz


Lorraine Music Academy, Embassy of Israel, Kala Academy & Goa Mariott presents a Musical Evening with Tala Kravitz. The Concert will be performed on Tuesday 8th March 2011, 6:30pm at Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, (Kala Academy Auditorium),Panaji, Goa


Israel’s globally traveled versatile musician, Tal Kravitz performs for the first time in Panaji, GOA

An Evening of WORLD MUSIC (Piano/Global Ethnic Instruments|Vocal)

Admission Free. No Passes required. Seating capacity: 950 GUESTS

Seating on 'first come' basis





Embassy of Israel

Kala Academy

Goa Marriott Resort

Heritage Jazz




Across the globe, TAL KRAVITZ has set the audience ablaze and captivated the hearts of lovers of world & ethnic music. He has traveled to more then 25 countries and brings with him more than 20 different ethnic musical instruments from across the globe. We present to the audience of Goa a world-embracing musical journey; a world music encounter between Israeli classics, World ethnic musical instruments, Western classics and Bollywood. This will be a unique musical encounter bringing to our ears and hearts a fusion of global ethnic music along with Indian music. Tal Kravitz (the ancient Biblical Flute, Scottish Bagpipe, Musical Saw, Jembe Drum, Theremin, Guitar, Filipino Nose Flute, African Adongo, & an assortment of ethnic percussion instruments) will perform along with Lorraine Fiona Aloysius (Piano, singing songs in Hebrew & Konkani).


Tal Kravitz is a musician and a singer educated at Israel’s finest music institutions. He is also a traveler who's embarked on a personal search for original tribal music in far corners of the world not yet exposed to Western civilization. Tal plays piano, harp, guitar, a variety of bagpipes, the musical saw, African percussion instruments and more. East Africa and Papua New Guinea are some of the places he's reached, photographing the indigenous tribes’ lifestyles and recording their music as it was sung and played for thousands of years. Tal uses this material to advocate for ethno-musicological research of societies whose traditions and music are in danger of extinction. The artist has rich experience providing music education to children and youth, including teaching children how to make and play original ethnic instruments. During his 11 years on the stage, Tal has given about 2,000 performances, lectures, and workshops.


Tal Kravitz was born in 1974 and spent his childhood and youth at Kibbutz Ramat Hakovesh. A graduate of the Israeli Music conservatory in choral conducting and classical singing, he has studied middle-eastern traditional music and ethnic singing at Bar-IlanUniversity. He Performs and lectures in educational institutions throughout Israel. “For years, I have been traveling to different places in the world in research of music. From every place I bring back songs, sounds, rare instruments and the people’s stories.”


Lorraine Fiona Aloysius, started playing the piano from the age of 8, greatly encouraged & inspired by her mother, Helen D'Cruz. Lorraine initially trained in Kuwait under Johnny Gomes. She then trained under the tutelage of Aida Francis. She is a Licentiate of the Trinity College of London - UK (Pianoforte) and a Masters in Banking & Finance. She has experience in teaching, creative thinking, training and motivating large teams across the country. Lorraine has been living in Gurgaon, National Capital Region, India since 2004 and is the Principal & Creative Director of the Lorraine Music Academy. She conducts choirs, oversees the training of the students in Music at the Academy and the development of programs, workshops & concerts. Under her talented leadership, the team of experienced & qualified musicians and teachers, coming in from various countries, teach and perform with the Academy.


Aubrey Aloysius, founder of Lorraine Music Academy, says “In association with the Embassy of Israel, Kala Academy and Goa Marriott Resort we present to Goa the versatile world musician TAL KRAVITZ to inspire us all to appreciate, enjoy and learn music at a new level. We bring good music to the community, not just for entertainment, but for true education and appreciation. Teaching children and adults how to understand & appreciate music and to play an instrument is our passion and mission. We believe that the right kind of music makes the right kind of person. Music is food for the soul. Good food and good exercise gives you good physical health. A good diet of the right kind of music gives you good mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health.”


Touching lives through music, Lorraine Music Academy exists to revive the rich heritage of world music – bringing music to children, their families and the community at large. Lorraine Music Academy serves the community through education, workshops, recitals and public performances. A journey that started in October 2005 with 10 students has now grown to 250+ students, both children (aged 5+ yrs) and adults, learning to play the Piano, Electronic Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Singing. Students learn various genres of music. This year will see the commencement of Indian Music education programs and performances.














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