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Tala Faral & GrooveSuppa -- 1st & 2nd February 2008Back to Events

Tara Falal, a vibrant native of Madagascar, a US citizen and a musician of the world, mixed a groovy, funky cocktail of African, Latin, Indian and Modern Jazz, added a generous dash of charisma and hot energy, and served it through three straws (an effervescent voice, a guttural rich toned saxophone bursting out like a god enthroned and an incredibly overactive keyboard) accompanied by three equally rocket-fired Indian musicians – Dwight Pattison, bass guitar (from Calcutta), Benoy Rai, electric and acoustic guitars (from Darjeeling) and Lindsay D’Mellow, drums (from Goa).
The large cocktail was delivered overflowing with raw talent fizzing, crackling, sparkling, enveloping the audience with anirresistible daze that has everyone surrendering to the pulsating music, clamouring for more, reluctant to leave even when the hands of the clock joined hands at 12 midnight subtly suggesting departure from paradise.

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