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The Austrian JuJu Duo



The ensemble “JuJu” is a duo project of Julia Schreitl with her long time companion Judith Reiter on viola. In addition to the reeds and the viola they use their voices as a medium of expression. Juju plays compositions of both band members that show a big diversity of styles. Their program includes songs with lyrics, jazz tunes and free form improvisations. 
They have released their first album "Short Stories" in January 2012 at Preiser Records. It is not only an album with 16 songs but it also contains stories and poems to the songs and each story is illustrated by the artist Akram Al Halabi. 


Julia Schreitl was born in 1982 and grew up in Martinsdorf, a small village in the north east of Vienna. She began her musical education at the age of six, playing the recorder and the piano. A few years later she changed to clarinet and even later to saxophone. The beginning of her musical socialization was formed by the traditional local wind bands and church music. Later on she gathered experience playing in big bands, symphonic orchestras and several smaller groups and ensembles. After finishing school in the year 2000 Julia Schreitl started her education at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, studying classical saxophone and music education as well as jazz saxophone. She got a master’s degree in 2006 and passed all her studies with distinction. As part of her jazz studies she spent one year at the University for Music in Malmö, Sweden. As a result of her widespread interests Julia Schreitl is part of several groups which play all different kinds of music. Her main projects are Julia Schreitl Nord.Rand.Band, a co-operation with Scandinavian Jazz Musicians. They released the album “Nordic Walking” in 2009, on Sessionwork Records. Another project is the duo “Juju” with Judith Reiter on viola and vocals, and the duo “Schneeweißchen & Hosenrot” with Stephanie Hacker on piano and vocals. Other projects include a program around the German writer Bertolt Brecht called “Die Liebe dauert oder dauert nicht”, [impro]jekt, a performance group with a dancer and the saxophone quartet “Sx4” which focuses on contemporary music. Another aspect in Julia Schreitl’s artistic life is composing. The main part of her compositions consists of jazz tunes and songs for her different ensembles, but she also composed pieces for different chamber music ensembles.




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