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The Barbara Carlotti & band - 7th March 2010Back to Events

Heritage jazz is well appreciated and much loved for its wonderful musical evenings in the courtyard. But, on the eve of the ‘International Women’s Day’, the 7th of March 2010, the jazz courtyard was singing charming French tunes bringing all the emotions ablaze. The Barbara Carlotti Quartet all the way from Paris, undoubtedly brought fun and a breezy French touch to the evening that made the spectators exclaim, “Oh Mon Dieu!”

With an intimate feel and intense emotions french braided into each song her lyrics glorified love as well as the pain and sadness that it brings. Barbara’s passionate and exceptional voice wove a magic which later pervaded the audience’s heart as more and more French flavours crept up with the darkening night. Barbara’s delicate, classic and exquisite work coupled with the expertise of her band showcased a wonderful chemistry between them. Benjamin’s fingers flowed fluidly over the keys ringing the right notes, Jean-Pierre struck the right chords on the guitar intensifying the magic while Jeremie drummed the beats making the audience tap their feet and snap their fingers.

Barabara looked glamorous in the lovely black gown. She displayed a gift for dark songs of the highest class infused with spleen, sadness and darker emotions; she danced to her tunes beautifying her liberated soul. It swathed the listeners and made them sway. She treated the crowd to several new songs from her latest album ‘L’ideal’ and other famous French songs that were cheerful and bright leaving them thrilled and anticipated, often interacting with the crowd. She got them clapping, snapping and grooving. The acoustic setting and the dim light was perfect for an emotionally-driven set. People left with something new, refreshing and beautiful to cherish.

The very next day, Heritage jazz took the Quartet to the Mount Carmel College to commemorate the female power as it was ‘International Women’s Day’. The girls were truly excited and actively participated and interacted with the band; they found Barbara resourceful, self driven, talented as she set an example of the liberated woman to these young ladies. They were impressed by the band and flocked in for their autographs. Barbara and her team gifted them a copy of their albums as a token of love.

Refreshing!! Soulful!! Awesome!! Something different!! The Barbara Quartet definitely made a place in the hearts of Goans and they look forward to visit again.

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