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The EOL Trio - a Parisian Treat! -- 14th March 2010Back to Events

Something phenomenal transpired in the air of the Gonsalves Mansion last weekend! On the 14th of March, the audience at jazz courtyard quenched its aural thirst with the enthralling musical cocktail of the magical EOL Trio.

The trio achieved a brilliant casting with bass, drums and piano. Influenced by varied styles of music, the band was truly inspired by Led Zeppelin, Soft Machine and Herbie Hancock. The show was upbeat, electrifying and energetic with double bass yoked in Laurent David’s arms and incessant percussion by Xavier Girard. Then, there was piano and the hammond organ; liquid, instinctive, under the fingers of Denis Girard. They were simply fantastic and shared a wonderful chemistry on stage. They spoke universal language of music and charged the atmosphere with enthusiasm and life.

Their compositions had lot of dynamics and the band knew just when to turn it up and when to let it slide, creating a paranormal effect; It was of rich and incandescent rhythmic frequency and also held crazy variations in tempo which created spells that took the listeners to another world, a state of stupor! They played until they were poured to emptiness, and suddenly there were jubilant cries from the audience setting off sparks in the environs.

Undoubtedly their piece was evolutionary showcasing a lot of experimentation and research. It had the power of rock and the finesse of jazz which touched every soul present for the show. The crowd dived into the edgy, electric and magical sea of sounds that emerged on the scene. Some people even felt a spiritual connection through their music.

The ‘Home of Jazz’, the Gonsalves Mansion is defining the year of music in a very innovative and distinct manner. Heritage jazz has always come up with new, fresh and innovative ideas. A great interaction and involvement of the crowd could be witnessed as the band members mingled cheerily with them. They got the listeners in the mood by befriending and exchanging exciting conversations. Further they are scheduled to tour in Mumbai and Bangalore to drive the crowd of the metros into reverie.

The evening was simply, charged, eclectic and on fire! The soul of every listener experienced a supernatural force leaving them stunned and yearning for more. The EOL trio was certainly power packed, just ‘parfait!’


Photos by Mr. Anoop Negi

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