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The Festival of the Spirit - 13th February 2010Back to Events

After the revelry of the carnival had quietened down just a bit, another form of music began to draw people with its melody. The music, although shouting praises of god, was nothing like the ones heard in churches or any other places of worship, this was rock, albeit, gospel rock.

The band, playing at the Kala Academy open hall auditorium, was one of India’s foremost names in the genre of gospel music, Yeshua. The band is based in Mumbai, was in Goa to perform for the concert which was truly a spiritual treat for those who enjoy gospel music. The band performed some of their orginal hindi tracks along with some English cover songs.

“Our music is not like the usual Gospel music, we try to keep up with the times, like right now our music includes rock and Indian rock and roll,” says Cameron Mendes, lead vocalist.

The band crooned to tunes of their hit track, “Gao Hallelujah” and their new foot- tapping number ‘Rock and Roll’ set the crowd in the mood to dance for god.

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