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The Heritage Jazz Tour Featuring The Saskia Laroo Quintet from AmsterdamBack to Events
Saskia laroo has performed so many times in Goa, and over the years has had some great events with us. Starting with the Jazzyard event at the Home of Jazz in Campal in the year 2007, Saskia has then gone on to perform at the stunning Jazz for Peace show that was held on the streets of Campal, soon after the dreaded Mumbai terror attacks of that year (2008)
Never to be part of something dreary and drab, Saskia then lit the Konkani stage alight when she led the first European band to perform in Goa’s local language Konkani. On that very special night in 2009, the Goa Velha church premises saw musical fireworks as the locals in the village were awe struck to see that someone other than their very own had come forward to honour their mother tongue.
And now, in 2010, Saskia was back, this time with added vigour, with South American beats to add to her already sizzling range of music. With Columbian percussions backing the band, the Saskia laroo quintet went about mesmerizing the crowds at the popular destinations Zee Bop and Utorda, and Aah Goa in Nerul.
Though the crowds were not full as they normally are for her, they were sizeable enough to bring out the best in the band which has now become part of a deeper association between the Dutch and the Goan people. For all that she is doing in Goa, Saskia was nominated by us for the prestigious Karmaveer Award, and we are delighted to say that she has won the award much to everyone’s delight. Kudos to Saskia, kudos to her spirit and style.
 On left, people at the candle light vigil soon after Mumbai terror. On the right, Saskia and band at the Jazz for Peace show, Dec, 2008
She is extremely well known for various reasons here in Goa. Primarily of which has been her active participation for her ‘Jazz For Peace’ concert which was held soon after Mumbai terror attacks in December 2008. At that time she flew into Mumbai a day after the terrorist were flushed out , with the sole intention of defying terrorism. The people of Goa responded in great numbers for the candle light vigil and concert that followed. For this act of immense strength and character she has been awarded the prestigious “Karmaveer Puraskar Award 2010” , which she will receive in New Delhi on 26th November 2010. Her commitment to peace and unity of various people of the world is well known.
Additionally her band was the first European band to perform live Konkani music in Goa and it was through her the concept of ‘Konkani Rocks’ was unfolded on that very special night of 3rd December 2009. When the closing ceremony of IFFI was also going on, the Goa Velha Church was crowded with people who came to honor our mother tongue as well as to see history being created by Saskia Laroo.
                                       Saskia Laroo had the crowd enthralled! On the right, she is seen at the Konkani Rocks show
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