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 We at Heritage Jazz are pioneers in bringing great jazz to Goa, and this is signified by the stunning shows that have been organized by us through the years. They include the emotional Jazz for Peace show that was held soon after the dreaded Mumbai terror attacks in 2008, the Fusion for Peace show which was held after the series of bomb blasts in Delhi, Jaipur and Bangalore, also in 2008, the Jazz Greats show that was done to raise funds for a cancer stricken Jazz colleague, the Liberate Your Jazz events, and a host of other shows that have touched the hearts of people from across the world, thus making Heritage Jazz a household name.

Taking this forward, we now have further taken the Jazz movement to the gardens of Panjim, and our first event was done just yesterday, the 5th of November 2012. Great Swizz band, the Pommel Horse led by the bass clarinet player Lukas Roos, regaled a wonderful audience that had assembled at the Garcia de Orta Municipal Garden near the Panjim Church, and that too on a Monday evening, thus signaling the start of a grassroots movement that will enliven the musical pores of this great city.
Pommel Horse consisted of 5 members who played the bass clarinet, the saxes, the keyboards, bass and drums, and provided great entertainment to an energetic audience that had gathered at the open air venue, thus bringing together the people of Panjim to enjoy a great evening of camaraderie and jazz. The Musical Revolution carries on, and Heritage Jazz once again provides that impetus to make this movement a great success! Enjoy the pictures, and do visit us on facebook too. Follow us on twitter @heritagejazz.
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