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The Oliver Rajamani Quintet --18th & 19th April 2009Back to Events

The Show at  GONSALVES MANSION featuring Oliver Rajamani , performing along with Steve Marcum on Drums, Joseph Santori on Bass, Suresh Buscara on Tabla and Richard Bowden on Violin was one of the best musical performances. The entire crowd - young and old- were silenced with awe and admiration while he performed ecstatically and the positive energy and vibrations from his music was incredible. People were glued to their seats just listening to the band and those that were standing were not at all distracted but completely focused on enjoying the music The food and beverage coupon counter was only busy during the breaks!

The show was something quiet different but so pleasant indeed- There were various unique and ancient drumming art forms represented. These art forms include drums and their styles ranging from lands such as India, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. A person from the audience called it a Musical Magic show!!! saying that Oliver this guy is great with magical fingers !! The audience was glued to his talent! making it a lovely evening.

The music was spiritually uniting and melodically soothing, rhythmically energizing, technically breathtaking and historically educating. Rajamani's music crosses many cultural, religious, and musical boundaries. Its spiritual essence allows people from different ethnic backgrounds and belief systems to connect to their own true spiritual identity.

Rajamani created his own music by arranging traditional folk songs chronicling their historic path and by adding new compositions not found anywhere else on the globe.

His pack of four CD’s sold like hotcakes at the counter and were completely sold out at the show. People requested for more and most of them signed up on his emailing list to keep them informed of all his shows and releases.

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