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The Sharik Hasan Trio--Jazz Christmas a la Paris!--26th December 2009Back to Events

26th December 2009, La Oasis in Anjuna still had its Christmas lights on reflecting in the blue pool while people relaxed beside it, sipping on cocktails and spicy tidbits, engrossed in interesting banter.
Three young men from Paris were in Goa on their Bonjour India tour. After a beautiful performance at Alliance Francaise, Heritage Jazz invited them for an encore performance in Anjuna. Sharik, Gael and Thibault took stand below the running lights and the conversations around stopped just as they began. Sharik introduced the band to the guests and the music began to flow.
These Parisian lads of diverse backgrounds and cultures met in the city of love about 2 years ago in search of a common musical vision; their talent, style and passion combined to form their novel, creative sound. Their unique compositions are the result of combining different influences such as classical, hip-hop, rock, and jazz while heavily rooted in improvisation. Blending colors and shapes with grooves and urban rhythms, this trio respects traditional styles while finding the perfect 21st century sound.
They enchanted the evening with their original compositions which were appreciated well by the guests. Their composition ‘Shorter’ is a light, fleeting, creative melody that seemed to get everyone relaxed and smiling. Sharik sizzled on the keyboard while Gael entertained on the double bass and Thibault kept the beat on the drums. Their pieces were infused with breaks, off beats and other interesting musical theatrics that had their listeners begging for more.
Besides playing together, each of them also perform with other bands. While on their Bonjour India tour, they also jammed with the Sigrun Jording Quartet at Shisha in Pune. Speaking to the band, they seemed pleased with their visit to India, citing Mysore and Pune as their favourite cities to perform in. They liked the laidback easy feel of Goa and agreed to an encore in Anjuna after Armando invited Sharik personally; the two met when Armando was in Paris.
Their music at times seems quite abstract as it strays away from the traditional jazz rulebook, being influenced by various styles. The guests at the evening dinner, which even included musicians, were entertained and really appreciated their musical masterpieces. The Sharik Hasan Trio set their standard at the beginning and lived up to it with each piece that followed, leaving their listeners enthralled and happy. It sure was a lovely Christmas special at La Oasis, Christmas a la Paris!
Heritage jazz is known for its excellent relationship with some of the best entertainers worldwide, a result of Armando’s great rapport and extensive network with music societies around the globe. The Sharik Hasan Trio were happy to represent Heritage Jazz at this post Christmas pool party.

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