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When the Goa ForGiving team got together late last year, to chalk out the programme for 2014, the first programme that was finalized was one for World Cancer Day. Everyone felt that we must continue to do our work for the less fortunate people amongst us, and we must say that we are delighted that the programme panned out so beautifully.

As the idea permeated the minds of our friends, we had people from all over who decided to jump into being part of this event, with O’luv Rodriguez, the Konkani Rocks heart throb leading the way. Ann Barretto chipped in by training the Hamara School children to sing and dance for the afflicted people. The Hamara School children put in a lot of effort to bring all this together, and practiced for five continuous days in a bid to get their act together, which they did in style. With social media active to the programme, friends from Mumbai, Germany and Canada also joined us in the form of social activists Jane Rodrigues, Cynthia Fernandes and Mary Silveira.



The Youth Hostel Association, Goa Unit, led by Manoj Joshi chipped in with their time and gift hampers for the kids, and they were delighted at the chance to serve our lesser fortunate brethren. It was heartening to note that everyone, including our Goa ForGiving team lead by Shaeen Gomes, were humbled at this chance to do something beyond the normal call of duty. Gifts donated by various individuals were distributed, and prominent resident of St Cruz, Arturo D’Souza was also present. We were obviously delighted when we had Nolan Mascarenhas, the adventure enthusiast and photographer who recently stopped by at the Gonsalves Mansion in his Rickshaw Run from Jaipur to Kerala, who surprised us with his sudden appearance at the hospital. Additionally, reiki trainer Mandira Srivastava also joined in to make the evening complete. The central theme of the World Cancer Day programme was that Cancer is curable, and that all of us are there to contribute whatever we can to alleviate the suffering of afflicted people.


This was a chance to serve the community as well as to encourage youngsters from Hamara School to understand what it is to do things for others. Musicians, social activists and others were all present, and took the pledge that we must do more for the underprivileged sections of our society, something which the Goa ForGiving Trust is completely committed to.



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