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Heritage Jazz is taking Konkani Rocks from Goa all the way to Amersfoort to further bilateral relations between India and the Netherlands. Heritage Jazz are the Official Partners of the international festival.

This major project also aims at designating Panjim and Amersfoort as ‘Twin Jazz Cities’- and will culminate in the signing of the official ‘Indo-Dutch Jazz Treaty’ between Panjim and Amersfoort, giving a further boost to our bilateral relations.

We strongly believe that this would serve as an ambassador of Goa’s culture to attract more inbound tourists from the Netherlands for the season 2011-2012. The project details every element of promotion of art, culture and tourism of Goa in Amersfoort and vice versa thus initiating the blend of both Jazz and Konkani music.

The project will also aim at boosting tourism between our two countries, especially by charter flights that will mutually benefit our economies. Our lands have a great deal to offer one another. To achieve this landmark, Heritage Jazz and our Dutch partners i.e. Stichting Jazz NL intends to produce a special souvenir featuring a pictorial and editorial content.






 Heritage Jazz in association with JazzNL participated at The Rabobank Amersfoort International Jazz Festival 2011, Amersfoort. This festival is more than 30 years old is one of the most prominent outdoor jazz festivals in Netherlands, which showcased a number of International jazz artists and was watched and appreciated by enthusiastic crowd of jazz lovers.



On the arrival to Amersfoort, the Heritage Jazz team was welcomed and supported by global Goans such as Rene Baretto, founder of the World Goa Day, Moses Fernandes etc. The Amersfoort Jazz Festival began with a musical opening ceremony by different musicians from Netherlands followed by Gala dinner, organized by Team Thailand at De Observant, Amersfoort. The dinner mood was set by various musicians such as Irene Atman, the classic jazz vocalist from Canada, who performed with Saskia Laroo, a talented trumpeter and her band, Alexander Beets, a jazz-saxophone player and Hans Dulfer also performed at the event. Koh Saxman from Thailand and DJ Nakadia, the most wanted female DJ from Asia, brought crowd on the floor. Earlier the Mayor of Amersfoort welcomed the delegates to the city and for the festival.



The Opening Ceremony was attended by Heritage Jazz team consisting of Armando Gonsalves, The Founder and CEO of Heritage Jazz, Edson Martins, Director of Operations, Veeam Braganza, Goa’s most promising vocalist, The Monsorate Brothers, Sidhanath Buyao, and Olavo Rodrigues along with various delegates who came from around the world to perform at the festival.

The following day Armando Gonsalves, CEO of Heritage Jazz, Goa, delivered a presentation about Heritage Jazz in Goa, how it all came about, the events that were held at the Gonsalves Mansion and The Rebello Mansion, Jazz for Goa. He also highlighted the various Jazz events like Jazz for Peace with the basic Idea of “Jazz for a Cause.” Konkani Rocks and Goa ForGiving were also introduced to the audience as sister companies of Heritage Jazz.

About Konkani Rocks: It aims to promote Konkani and takes Goa and its language Konkani out into the world, and also collaborates with different other countries to organize events. And thus have music fusions and promotes international and cultural harmony and tourism.

About Goa ForGiving: It is a Trust that has been created to conduct charity events in order to help those in need. Goa ForGiving believes it is time to get back to giving and start forgiving. They also conduct various workshops for underprivileged children, workshops for the old and for people with disability to see, besides that having spiritual concerts encouraging people from villages to come out and praise God their Creator.


Armando spoke about the unsung Goan hero of the early Indian Music Industry Anthony Gonsalves, the Don of Bollywood who conducted orchestras with more than 140 – 150 musicians in the 1960s to 70s. Armando also shared his dream of reviving such music from the past by bringing together over a 100 musicians to perform in one orchestra. The popular song of 1977, ‘My name is Anthony Gonsalves’ composed by duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal in honor of their music teacher Anthony Gonsalves also taught likes of R D Burman. Armando also spoke about the future events that Heritage Jazz is looking forward to promote and organize.

Besides the presentations, festival organizers also organized an outdoor excursion outside the city of Amersfoort, on Liquid Waste Management, since Netherlands is known for its Creeks, Canals and other water bodies and conserving and preserving it is of utmost importance. Team Goa showed a lot of interest to learn and made plans to bring back these ideas in Goa. The organizers also conducted a seminar on Solid Waste Management at Henrick, De Observant.


They also spoke on various issues such as urban waste management, architecture management and town planning. A number of Goan architects and other delegates attended this conference. There were other promotions that were simultaneously held at different galleries at Amersfoort. The day ended with a Heritage Jazz performance at De Observant. The Monsorate brothers performed featuring Sidhanath Buyao, Veeam, Olavo, Sigrund Jording and Yatin Talaulikar.

On the following day 14th May, seminars on Architecture, Heritage, Tourism and Land Conservation were held at De Observant. Team Goa also made best use of Boat Cruising opportunity at the Amersfoort Canals, which was organized by the Waterlijn.



Konkani rocked Europe on the 2nd day too at the OLV Square which is the centre of Holland. The event was held at the Tower of Our Lady of Steeple was witnessed by a huge crowd. What was more amazing was to see Goans from Germany, France, different parts of Holland and England supporting Team Goa.

Olavo opened the show along with the Monsorate Brothers who entertained the audience with their charm and music. Veeam Braganza too did couple of numbers with the Monsorates, followed by Sidhanath Buyao. He then sang couple of songs with Yatin Talaulikar on the Tabla and Sigrun Jording on the Saxophone. He was also accompanied by Steven Peter on the Base Guitar.


It was a beautiful sight to watch people other than our very own Goans enjoying the Konkani songs as danced to their music. The Monsorate Brothers kept the people moving to the rhythm of their music. History was made as Heritage Jazz who represented India and more importantly introduced Konkani on the World Stage.

On the 15th May, The Heritage Jazz Brunch Concert was held at De Observant, which was the third and the final show. And there was no better way to describe the show that made the audience keep wanting more and more and more. The final show of Team Goa was indeed a mega hit and the crowd just refused to sit down and neither did they let the musicians stop.

The Monsorate brothers opened the show with one of their original compositions, “Feel The Groove”. And they kept serenading the crowd with Jazz songs. Veeam Braganza joined them later and did couple of Konkani and English Jazz standards.

Olavo too enthralled the crowd and joined them in song and dance. He also performed his much awaited act, and that was on the comb. Sidhanath Buyao sang couple of folklore along with Yatin Talaulikar and he was later accompanied by the Monsorate Brothers too.


Brunch concert was actually scheduled for two hours but the concert went on as nobody wanted to leave the dance floor. It was an astonishing event to watch Goans and foreigners together, sing and dance to our Konkani music.

The dream of taking Konkani Worldwide and putting it out and onto the World map is definitely coming true. And there is no better way to promote Goan culture than through music, which is rich and very vibrant. Heritage Jazz’s initiative is just the beginning, but the day is not far when every Goan will be proud to speak Konkani, and will proudly say, Konkani Rocks!


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