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Arvalem waterfall a bricolage of beauty

‘Goa Goa’- the tagline speaks a lot in itself. Beautiful coastlines, mesmerizing greenery, a façade of Portuguese era houses, carnivals..the list goes on. Though on the top list of all the Tourist itineraries for its ‘Beach and modernity’ concept, Goa has something more to be proud itself of.  Situated 40 kilometers away from the capital city of Panaji in Sanquelim village is the Arvalem waterfall. Set amidst an enchanting landscape of laterite hills and a verdant backdrop, though not on par with the more popular Dudhsagar waterfall, it exudes an exuberant view of the white showers cascading down the 50 meter high rocks. The background is in ambiguity with a park constructed by the Goa Tourism and Development Corporation (GTDC) which houses a sequential arrangement of benches alongside an acuity of steps that brings one closer to the content waters. As you climb the stairs and find yourself near the invincible showers, you can do nothing but marvel over the sentient beauty and the thrill full chills that the water simmers down your spine.

 A mesmerizing and a beautiful picnic spot that it is this place is also ideal for the nature delegates for its tranquil waters create a soothing canopy for the solitude seekers. For the cupid struck, this place promises a togetherness of a lifetime. When else can you see yourself affront a beautiful scenario accompanied by the most celebrated and loved person of your life?

The blatant waters dim into a sizeable lake at the bottom which tempts the fanatic swimmers- albeit, weak swimmers should be wary of the scintillating waters for the undertows are slippery and the water zeroes in on force. The best time of visit is just after the monsoons when it creates a ravishing and rapturous yet tantalizing aspect.  In the vicinity lies the Rudreshwar temple which hails a holy importance for the Hindus who believe in releasing the soul to peace on the 12th day after death.

On the way to the falls, you will find yourself admiring the antiquity of this area - Arvalem caves which house two major caves and a major chamber containing holy shrines with 7th century AD characteristics.

Though unknown to most of the Goans and very rarely mentioned in the Goa guide books, this spellbinding place should be given a visit to not for its beauty or the praise that it has been bestowed with, but because you have unseen the true Goa if you have not paid a visit to the Arvalem falls..

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