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Inspiring Goa with a Konkani & Jazz fusion

Goa, once an almost unknown silhouette of India of recently has been gaining exposure and generating a lot of interest. Now known for its beaches, architecture and fenny, what was once stereotypically known as the “smallest state in India”, is now gaining it’s well deserved popularity amongst people from all over the world.

Goa has fashioned prominent musicians and singers over the years, and in modern times has become the home of Trance music in India. 
Traditional Goan music, sung in Konkani was formerly very popular, with a numerous amount of bands from all over Goa performing to the public but of lately, Konkani music has been neglected in favor of English pop music that is now the recent trend all over.  
With IFFI currently going on in Goa, Heritage Jazz is promoting what could be a potential music festival, promoting Konkani music, musicians and the traditions of Goa. After all, without our culture we would have nothing. At the end of the IFFI’s, Heritage Jazz is throwing the limelight onto the music scene of Goa, in order to promote the spread of music and jazz in Goa.
Heritage Jazz aims to reach music to Goa, and Goa to the rest of the world by fusing Konkani along with modern Jazz thus broadening the outreach and international acclaim of Konkani music. In doing so, Heritage Jazz is introducing the concept of Jazz music to Goa by using Konkani music as an identifiable base, and then incorporating it with Jazz.
While Jazz as a term can be very hard to define, as music it speaks for itself. Although it initially originated in the United States and has a blend of European music, it is now accepted worldwide. Goa, being an inspirational chill out destination for aspiring artists from all over is now attempting to promote the celebration of music from all over and Heritage Jazz is where it begins.
The blending of cultures and unity in building inspiration from Konkani music is one that could bring along a revolution in the music scene of Goa. In times when the world is facing the cold harshness of corruption and dispute, what better way to spread the warmth than by using music to bring in harmony, oneness and peace?
With the Film Festival in Goa ending on the 3rd, it signals a start of what could be somewhat called a music festival of two days in Goa. The first being “Konkani Rocks”, a programme featuring some of the best local talents performing at Goa Velha, that is essentially a tribute to Konkani music and Goan culture.  Jazz Nirvana “for love , peace and brotherhood”, an event hosted by Heritage Jazz on 6th December is a Jazz fusion featuring International musicians discovering Goan music and blending it with their own Jazz style.
With Goan musicians being a firm fraction of the foundation of the Indian Film Industry one could say that Goa is the music capital of India, and as music capital, Goa has the right to show off its home grown talent to its audience. Campal is now known as the Jazz capital of India, and the future looks towards building the Jazz scene of Goa to such a level that Campal will be known as not only the Jazz capital of India, but Asia entirely.
Music is the universal language of mankind.  ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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