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Belinda Oliviera

A rain-drenched and yet superb show. Accomplished jazz musicians forming one of the best Jazz assemblies in the country regaled the audience at Gonsalves Mansion , Campal, Goa , this evening, in a charity concert for jazz vocalist Belinda Olivera who is fighting a battle against cancer.

Belinda's wonderful voice has been admired by jazz lovers in the country as well as in America . Among the jazz legends who performed at the benefit event were Braz Gonsalves, Louis Banks, Yvonne Gonsalves, Frank Dubia, Lester Godinho, Suzzie, Sheldon Luis, Amit Heri, Gino Banks and others.

To heighten the ambience even further the Gonsalves Gallery was thrown open so that the gathering could enjoy the paintings by contemporary Goan artists Suhas Shilkar, Harshada Kerkar, Mohan Naik and Sonia Rodrigues Sabharwal. The evening also saw an auction in which Belinda's caricature by Alexyz, a painting by Deviprasad Rao and coupons by Wendell Rodricks went under the hammer.

This is what Armando Gonsalves had to say about this wonderful jazz artiste:

“Belinda Oliveira has regaled audiences all over the world and we too have heard so much of her, the last of which was at my home during one of the home jazz events held last year. Emotional it was too, simply because we had the pleasure of having with us her now late father, Remy Oliveira, who was a stunning pianist of his time. It was heartening to note then, that he made it a point to be present for the show just to show solidarity with the jazz cause, something which was dear to his heart. Being around 92 and frail in flesh but absolutely more than willing in spirit, I remember how all present were thrilled to have a man of his stature in our midst and to know that he supported jazz and jazz musicians of today with a heart that was as open as could be.

”It was also nice to know that Belinda, who was then having a highway run at the jazz clubs in America, decided to give up all that, just to be here in Goa to care for her father whom she loved so much. Obviously, father and daughter were given a standing ovation for the emotional punch that they packed, and all of us were in awe of the overwhelming spirit that was so evident. However, never did we or could we ever realize that a few months later, not only would Remy breathe his last but Belinda too would be battling for her life, all in a depressingly short period of time.

Let us put our hands and hearts together for Belinda. Jazz in Goa will be richer with her life.”

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