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Carlos Monteiro

Carlos Monteiro has been the undoubted star of the Jazz movement in Goa and has been the pillar of Heritage Jazz right since its inception. Whenever the verandah shows were happening, it was a certainty that he would always be there, with his guitar. But, Carlos always preferred to play the keyboards even though he was not trained on it and this is because he displays such emotion and style on it.

Carlos started playing the guitar at the age of 9, by a celluloid guitar offered to him by his godmother. Seeing that his older brother used to play the lead guitar, he worked hard and fully concentrated on rhythm guitar and studied the chord work. He used to play for family parties, especially accompanying his father on the violin and brother on guitar.

In 1986, he formed a serenading trio with Vincent Figueiredo and Young Chico and performed regularly at the Fort Aguada Holiday Resort( a Taj Hotel). In 1987, he travelled to Singapore and bought his first Yamaha Keyboard. That's when he shifted from guitar to keyboards, thus transferring his entire chord work from the guitar to keyboards. The first chance was to perform regularly as keyboardist in a jazz band called ' The Entertainers ', having the legendary drummer, late Victor Shreeves.

In 1988, he left this band and had a better chance to play professionally, as a rhythm guitarist in Emiliano and Cabelleros, jazz band. He played every night at the Taj Hotel and performed at the famous ' Goa Jazz Nites' at the Taj Hotels in Delhi and Bangalore respectively.

In February 1990, Carlos formed and led a special fusion band having among them a Sitar and a Tabla musician and named this as 'SURYA' , performing for big shows on Goan beaches. The biggest moment for this band was the opening act the ' Goa Jazz Yatra ' at the Kala Academy.

Carlos’ memorable achievement was playing the famous jazz number ' Take 5 ', in an Indian rhythm with tabla effects at the start. However this superb group had a slow death as some musicians migrated to Europe and U.S.

In 1992, he joined a Goan folklore group called 'GAVANA ' and travelled with them to China for the 2nd International Folklore Festival and also travelled with the same group to Sicily, Italy in Feb.1996.

Carlos plays occasionally on few days a week in different hotels on the Goan coastline, but his most important weekly show is at ' Ingo's Saturday Nite Market '.

In his musical life he has met and performed with famous musicians like Mike Danton from Canada and Brian Russel.

As a passionate world traveller, he has reached the Brazillian shores and fell in love with the Brazillian samba in Rio de Janeiro, especially with the Brazillian percussion called ' The Cuiga ' (a very small drum). He is influenced very much by the samba music and his favourite is the famous song called ' So danco Samba'.

Carlos’ dream is to reassemble the fusion group 'SURYA' and combine the Indian and the Brazillian rhythms on the dream show in Goa. And, with so much joie de vivre in his whole personality, we do not see it far that this happens. Heritage Jazz will surely welcome the band with open arms.

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