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Gerard Machado

Gerard Machado has a unique style of playing the guitar which is a blend of jazz, rock and blues. His music adds just the right note to any artistic evening. Not too surprising then that this fine musician has music in his blood. Born to a musical family Gerard began playing at the tender age of six. Today he is an accomplished and versatile guitarist. So special is his brand of music that those who hear and see him perform say he takes their breath away with his live performances.

Gerard is also a fine composer and has recorded many jingles. He has worked with many famous musicians for several years in India and abroad. This maestro has conducted jazz workshops, scored the music for an English feature film, has performed at Jazz Yatras and naturally has featured on local and national television networks. He leads his own versatile band Network described as the ‘undisputed kings of Jazz in Bangalore ’, and he has also recorded several gospel albums. He has done it all! But wait, there’s more…

He co-leads the Carnatic-Jazz fusion band Megha, which has released two albums marketed in Australia and New Zealand . His band Network, has released an album titled Spectrum which is being marketed by Crescendo Music Company.

The Gerard Machado Network has talented show stoppers, remembered for their performances at the Jazz Yatras. They enthrall all music lovers with their repertoire of Jazz with swing, funk, Latin rhythms and Carnatic fusion. They leave their audiences spellbound with their distinctive brand of music. Big mistake to laze at home and miss their shows…

To Gerard Machado music means everything in life: love, satisfaction, a form of expression and an outlet to innovate.

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