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Harmeet Manseta

Harmeet plays keyboards. He has been playing professionally for eight years, during the course of which he has played with a variety of musicians, in several different types of musical situations.

His primary area of musical expression is the idiom of Jazz improvisation. Along with the allied genres of R&B, funk and alternative rock, Harmeet has also played in settings that involve the fusion and amalgamation of these various genres with Indian Classical Music. His love for music can be felt thru his interpretations of many standards classic and contemporary.

There is only so much one can derive from meeting a person for the first time but in the case of Harmeet (a.k.a. Max )and his music, it would not be wrong to say that you feel completely connected and enthralled by the deep love and gratitude he feels towards great jazz masters like Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett that presents itself every time he plays .

It is this gratitude that only a true musician would know, feel and be able to express making the music one hears more receptable to the audience that is listening.

Harmeet is a regular member of two bands, INTERPLAY and BLACK MARKET.

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