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Honor Heffernan

Honor Heffernan, has been performing as both a singer and actress for over 30 years now and has been both critically and publicly acclaimed as a singer who's versatility and superior vocal ability means she is comfortable singing anything from Jazz and Blues to Rock and Folk.

Honor's career began in the early 70's as Ireland 's first female rock singer, when she joined “The Watchtower”, a very successful rock band, led by Alan Dee. Following a European tour, she went on to work with many of Ireland 's top Blues, Rock and Folk musicians.

Her Jazz singing career began in 1983 when she was invited by Songwriter, TV and Radio presenter Shay Healy to join with the Jim Doherty Trio in an experimental programme, where musicians from different backgrounds performed together. The experience lead to long associations with renowned jazz musicians Jim Doherty, Noel Kelehan and Louis Stewart, and many more of Irelands leading jazz musicians including drummer Stephen Keogh who produced her latest album “ Fire and Ice “. Since then she has earned a reputation as Ireland 's leading Jazz singer.

As a solo performer Honor has appeared in London 's Royal Albert Hall in a celebration of twenty years of the Beatles with the royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Choral Society attended by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

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