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The Band comprises of four creative musicians from Bombay , who, continue to make unique and significant contributions to the Jazz / R&B /Funk circuit in India . INTERPLAY is . . . SONIA SAIGAL, HARMEET MANSETA and ADRIAN D'SOUZA Besides concert and club gigs across the country, INTERPLAY has been performing at various corporate events in Bombay . INTERPLAY is managed by Bharat Navani. Their Story At the on start of the band in January 2005, it was decided that the music they played and created as a team would be heralding a return to the mother of all music... their one true love... JAZZ. Since then INTERPLAY has captivated fans with their music executed masterfully yet soulfully, resulting in mesmerizing performances. They are currently writing material for their debut album, which will be released by the end of 2006. The album is a mix of original and standard material. Listen to their audio clips

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