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Kadri Gopalnath

A native of Dakshina Kannada, Kadri Gopalnath was born in 1950 to Shri Thaniappa and Shrimathi Gangamma. Music was part of his every day routine as his father was a Nagaswaram Vidwan of Pane Mangalore, and Kadri began training in Nagaswaram from an early age, but destiny had a different story for Kadri Gopalnath. He saw the saxophone played in the Mysore Palace Band Set. Thrilled on hearing the vibrant tone of saxophone he decided to master it. It took twenty years for him to conquer the complex wind instrument and he was eventually crowned “Saxophone Chakravarthy”.

Gopalnath learnt playing Carnatic Music on the Saxophone under Gopalakrishna Iyer of Kalanikethana, Mangalore, His dedication and tireless efforts enabled him to imbibe all the nuances of Carnatic Music and the Sax.

When he came in contact with versatile T.V.Gopalakrishnan of Madras, the latter identified the youngster’s potential and chissled into an internationally famed artiste. Gopalnath humbly acknowledges the fact that it is the blessings of his Guru that is responsible for his success.

His maiden performance was the Chembai Memorial Trust at Madras . It was a roaring success. Since then Gopalnath has never looked back, performing in all prestigious sabhas in India and abroad.

As if this were not enough, Gopalnath is a genuinely sweet guy. His charming personality has won him innumerable friends all over. He is disciplined in his habits.

Press Reviews:

He plays compositions meant for the nagaswaram, anaboc like double reed instruments.
- International Herald Tribune

Kadri’s prowess and skill in handling the saxophone to convey the nuances of Carnatic Music was really encouraging to watch. Despite the fact that the saxophone is a brass instrument and lacks the mellifluous timbre of the traditional nagaswaram, Kadri was able to produce such a rich variety of musical cadences.
- Daily News, Colombo

His soft, legato flurries meshed perfectly in an unusual grouping of violin, Jew’s harp and Mridangam drum.
- The Times, London


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