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Music is like a river that takes its course along terrains of mother earth to radiate variations of vivid imagery to appeal to the aesthetic sense of the connoisseur and the peppy sense of the laymen. Classical music of all births due to the rigidity of content and discipline has not been able to reach out to the masses. Strains of music especially jazz have become a cult figure with a devoted fan following and the Camatic idiom has sustained itselfinspite of the ravages of time. It was an idea and a great sensibility to sound that brought two musicians of extreme courage and inherent talent to be able to break the barriers of these styles to create a new sound called Camatic-jazz.

The ensemble was called MEGHA translating into THE CLOUDS. The use of pure classical Camatic music on the veena and strains on the guitar with rhythmic interludes on the mridangam ghatam, tabla and drums further enhanced by the keyboards and bass guitar have made MEGHA popular with performances across the country to their credit.

Dr Suma Sudhindra, one of the most acclaimed veena exponents of the country is known for her melodic rendition on the veena that one observes in her music the brilliant blend of traditional purity and artistic novelty.

Sri V.S. Rajagopal is one of the most respected percussionists of Kama taka. His mastery over the mridangam is surpassed and his name is synonymous with laya.

M.A. Krishnamurthy is undoubtedly the most accomplished tabla and ghatam player. He is a master, a versatile musician, a dexterous instrumentalist and a man of few words.

B.K. Chandramouli is a pride student of Shri Phalghat Raghu, whose talents range

with his expertise on the kanjira and mridangam. He is also the most widely acclaimed performer on the konekol a traditional rendering of rhythmic expression.

Yogendra Hule is the youngest member of the group and is Gerard's nephew. He has a firm grounding and is amongst the finest drummers in the country. A recent stint in Australia got him admission to the Australian College of Music.

K.N.Prakash is influenced by Jaco Pastorius and has been playing for over six years with jazz.

Whenever this group performs it always turns out to be a magical music night.

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