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Oliver Rajamani

Oliver Rajamani , born and raised in TamilNadu , India , is a renowned world music artist who is credited for keeping alive: the ancient vanishing Tamil folk music and Culture, and the nomadic and devotional musical styles of India . Music critics have distinguished Rajamani as an "artist who has redefined Gypsy Music by taking it back to India (homeland of the Roma Gypsy) to its original roots" and "literally destroying borders." His Music is ultimately of the heart and spirit

The music of Rajamani is a sound that is foreign and familiar. Thus it unites all human beings spiritually.stripping one of all illusions to lead you back into your heart and soul. It is a sound that is at once foreign and familiar. Drawing upon ancient Eastern traditions, his music resonated in a deep place within its listeners, while remaining accessible and satisfying to the Western ear.

The sounds and rhythms that flowed naturally out of Rajamani are an essence of his own diary of his life thru birth, travel, education and spirituality. The musical styles ranged from India , Middle East, European Roma, Latin, Africa, to North American folk, and also includes music of the nomads of India (also derogatorily known as Gypsies) tribes.

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