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Sascha Ley

An incomparable voice and a stunning stage presence - Sascha Ley is without doubt one of Luxemboug's most attractive artists. Her new programme entitled "Travelling Light" features exclusively her own compositions that are flirting with jazz as well as the tradition of song writing.
Her music fluently moves between jazz, free improvisation and the soulful interpretation of lyrics detecting human emotions. Captivating melodies with a taste of imaginary folklore are wrapped in the harmony and rhythm of modern jazz. She also works extensively as an actress and has received the "European Shooting Star" award at the Berlin Film festival in 2005. In addition, her entrancing and subtle music is accompanied and interpreted by a dynamic and sensitive sextet including an American, George Letellier on piano, a Belgian, Marc Demuth on acoustic bass, a Dutchman, Benoit Martiny on drums, and a German saxophonist, Anne Kaftan.

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