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Panjim is one of the best planned cities in the country, with a neat network of main avenues and connecting roads, a sewerage system, gardens and excellent Indo-Portuguese architecture. Panjim is a microcosm of Goa with a river and the Arabian Sea lapping at its feet, Khazan and salt pan lands which have now turned into the bus terminus and Patto Plaza the corporate district of Goa., from the salt pans to the coconut groves and Panjim rises up in an extremely picturesque manner to its hilltop at Altinho.

Panjim was originally a small fishing village with lots of coconut groves between creeks and fields. This capital city was a ward of Taleigao village. It so enamoured Adil Shah that he built his summer palace surrounded by a moat which was later filled up by the Portuguese when they came in to power and left Old Goa with its pestilence and disease to build a new city or Nova Goa as Panjim was called. But it was only during the early 19 th century that the city was enlarged, public sewerage, tree-lined avenues, gardens and ornamental park benches etc. The city was elevated to the status of city and became the capital of Goa by a royal decree and was known as Nova Goa.

The magnificent edifices of Old Goa were dismantled and the stones were reused to build smaller but very elegant houses for the people of Panjim and sturdy but again, elegant government buildings. Panjim with its broad tree lined avenues, gardens and beautiful buildings earned her the sobriquet, “Princess of the Mandovi”.

But all things must end, especially those who had to protect this beautiful city from the ravages of time. After Liberation the buildings of Panjim, began to lose their sparkle as those entrusted with their maintenance allowed the city to go to wrack and ruin.

Now Panjimites realize the value of its heritage and the Goa Heritage Action Group has been in the forefront of restoring Panjim to its earlier glory.

Architect Raya Shankwalker has taken photographs of some of Panjim’s old structures which have been renovated. His photographs prove that sometimes city fathers and city people can come together to bring a city to life. Raya too has played a large part in the beautification of Panjim city.

Goa Statistics

Co-ordinates: 15o29’35’’N 73o49’05’’E / 15.493oN 73.818oE

Area: 3702 km2

Capital: Panaji

Official language: Konkani

Altitude: sea level up to 1022 mts

Climate: max 36oC, min 17oC

Annual rainfall: 300 cms (average)

Population: 13, 43,998

Population density: 363/km2

Literacy rate: 82.32%

Time zone: IST (UTC+5.30)

Districts: 2

Established: 30th may 1987

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Places in Goa

31st January Road

31st January Road (Panjim – Antonio Menezes)

Though at this stage the history of the naming of this road from Rua Dom Joao Castro, near Mermaid Garden to the Fonte Phoenix is not clear. This road runs from the main arterial road Dom Joao de Castro Road near Navigation Department up to the Fonte Phoenix via the rear of Mary Immaculate Girls High School. The date commemorates the liberation of Portuguese from...Read More...

Abbe de Faria

(Jose Custodio de Faria – L’Abbe Faria) -- Prajal Sakhardande

Hailing from the Goan village of Candolim, in Bardez Taluka, Abade Faria was born on 30 th May 1756. Studying in Rome, as a priest, his original name was Fr. Jose Custodio de Faria. He played an important part by providing spiritual leadership, in the historically famed “Conspiracy of the Pinto’s”, in...Read More...



This is a beautiful, cool and a pleasant precinct of our capital city, lined with the samania samans, casuarinas – down the sandy asopolavs and the rustic shields, creating for you the Avenida Craviera Lopes in the late 20’s and the...Read More...

The Tonca Pillar

It is to be known that Panaji as an area was not inhabited, though it had sparse pockets of houses. The primary residential habitation was in the village of Taleigao and people walked down from there to carry out errands and employment to the port city of Panaji.

The area of Panaji now referred to as Miramar, Campal, Tonca and others were marshy areas interspersed by rivulets passing through the lands thereby giving it an impression that this...Read More...

PATTO BRIDGE : A Symbol of History

( Prajal Sakhardande – Heritage Point, Panjim Plus)

The silvery waters of the river Gomati (Mandovi) flow gently below a small bridge, which has withstood the ravages of time, standing silently to welcome every visitor that comes to the capital city of Goa – Panjim. This small bridge popularly known as “PattoBridge” is a historic monument, a mute spectator to the Portuguese rule over...Read More...

Panjim Church

Standing tall and elegant in the heart of the capital, is the famous Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception of Panaji (Igreja Maria Immaculada Conceicao). With the flight of steps adding to the exquisite charm and the majestic look of the immaculate & white façade, the Panjim Church is rooted in Goa ’s historic past and culture for more than four and a half centuries.


Panjim -- The name

ETYMOLOGY OF PANAJI (Sanjeev V Sardesai)

Panaji – the capital city of Goa, has a blurred history before the beginning of the 1800’s. Before the shifting of the capital from Old Goa to Panaji, majority of the land around the present city, as the records go, was a marshy saline land, with hardly any prominent landmark except the...Read More...

Maruti Temple at Miramar

The land of Goa has a very special place in the hearts of Goan people the world over. Not only love, it brings out the religious fervour in every individual, whatever may be the religion he follows. A similar incident happened on these very banks of River Mandovi, many years back in the year 1969.

Miramar Beach, the pride of Panjimites, was just a place of entertainment, where people...Read More...

The Natural Springs of Panjim

Panaji, the capital city of Goa, is bestowed with two beautifully constructed fountains or natural springs. When the Portuguese decided to shift their administrative capital to Panaji, this area on the bank of the rivulet of River Mandovi was just another hamlet, with a handful of houses to name.

It is a historical fact that the so-called Latin Quarters of Panaji or...Read More...

Palace of Maquinezes -Old G.M.C 1702

Goa ’s long and chequered history flows through her secular, military and ecclesiastical architecture that has withstood the ravages of time. Her heritage, built and unbuilt, has to be preserved for posterity. Goa ’s tryst with history has left a rich legacy in the form of a traditional Goan House or a Palace, a fort or a temple, a church or a mosque.

Preservation and...

Aguada Beach

The Aguada Beach is situated in North Goa, Tourists flock towards Aguada Beach, Goa to catch the splendid view that the famous Fort Aguada offers of the sea and the beach. Apart from the fort, there are numerous beautiful churches that are worth visiting.

Fort Aguada
Baga Beach

Baga Beach in the Indian state of Goa lies on the shoreline of the Arabian Sea of North Goa. The Baga Beach, Goa, is surrounded by Arpora-Nagoa, Saligao and Candolim, in the Bardez taluka. The beach is only 15 km from Panjim, the capital of the state of Goa. To reach the Baga Beach, one has to stride through the tapered road leading past the Bom Viagem Convent along...Read More...

Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach was formerly a small fishing village of Goa. Presently it is a favorite haunt of the large number of tourists who pour into this exotic state all throughout the year. And surprisingly in spite of being the center of a fair amount of commercial activity, Bogmalo Beach has still managed to retain its serene and tranquil ambience. This makes it an ideal spot...Read More...

Candolim Beach

Many wonder what is it that draws some tourists to Candolim Beach when there are so many other relatively more popular beaches in Goa. Actually the Candolim Beach is the ideal haunt for all those who look for blissful solitude. Not as crowded as Calangute or Anjum, it serene and tranquil ambience mesmerizes many. Bask in the warmth of the sun and you are sure to feel stress free.

Clarion Beach

Clarion Beach Goa is located in South Goa which is soon catching up in popularity with its counter part in the North. Clarion with its sylvan beaches is situated in the heart of Goa with an over view of the Arabian Sea at Salcette, Benaulim. The combination of the "sosegãdo" or laid back lifestyle, bracing weather and Goa's carnival-like nightlife has...Read More...

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach, Goa flaunts a crescent shaped bay flanked by swaying coconut palms hemmed by a pair of rocky crags. The white sand beach in an arc is picturesque. . Palolem remains a traditional village, where the easy pace of life is overshadowed by the serenity. Palolem Beach, Goa is a white sand beach facing a blue bay between two headlands. The little wooded islands...Read More...

Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is considered to be a most stunning beach in Goa. It is conveniently separated from another gorgeous beach called Anjuna by cliff tops and parched grasslands. Dotted with numerous dilapidated farmhouses and beautiful Portuguese bungalows, Vagator Beach Goa is a picture perfect place to bask in ideal holiday mood in Goa. On Vagator Beach, Goa famous...Read More...

Anjuna Beach

About the place :
Anjuna is a small village in North Goa and Anjuna Beach, Goa is approximately situated 18 km away from Panaji, the capital of Goa. After being drenched in the beauty of the Anjuna Beach and try to bargain in the flea market at Anjuna Beach, Goa, there is the glorious Albuquerque Mansion built in 1920, the Mascarenhas Mansion and the...Read More...

Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach, Goa, is situated in south Goa on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It lies 41 km away from Panaji, capital of the Indian state of Goa. Benaulim beach is located at a distance of only 2 km from Colva beach. After visiting Colva Beach in Goa, the next stop is destined to be Benaulim Beach. Goa Benaulim Beach is a very quiet beach, so if one wants to enjoy reading an interesting book in absolute peace and...Read More...

Calangute Beach

Perhaps none of the other lovely beaches of Goa is so deserving of the epithet "Queen of Beaches" as Calangute. Endearingly referred to as the "Queen of Beaches" by its fond admirers, Calangute Beach is kissed by the sun and enjoys the pampering of palm trees too.

According to popular opinion, Calangute is...
Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach, undisputedly one of the best beaches of Goa strikes a chord in the heart of every visitor with its white sandy stretch, its azure expanse, its black lava rocks and its swaying palms. It is an eternal favorite for all those who love the sand and the surf.

The Chapora Beach is considered to be fairly safe and one can...Read More...
Colva Beach

Colva Beach in Goa is one of the numerous beaches of this state. This beach is wonderful holiday destination of Goa. The beach is ornamented by the dense coconut and palm trees. Here the beach is golden in color. From the Colva Beach in Goa the sea looks marvelous. During your visit to this beach of Goa you can enjoy wonderful natural beauty. The beach can give the...Read More...

Miramar Beach

The famous saying that Goa is the place of sun, sea and sand begins with the Miramar beach. The scorching yet at times pleasant sun, crystal sand and blue sea; the Miramar beach has it all. The Portuguese nomenclature Miramar signifies “sight of the sea” when directly translated into English, and rightfully so. The vast, beautiful expanse of the Arabian Sea bathes the coast of the Miramar beach.


Sinquerim Beach

Goa Sinquerim beach is situated some 13 km away from Panaji. Sinquerim Beach is one of the most gorgeous Goa beaches. It flaunts tranquil and spectacular stretch of sand and an ideal place for swimming. The tourists are lured by its immaculate and peaceful setting. The Sinquerim beach lies adjacent to the Aguada beach, which is the most attractive beach in Goa. Palm-lined shiny beaches with golden sands and sapphire waters enhance the...Read More...

ANIMAL HOMETOWN! the sanctuaries of Goa...

Goa is home to vibrant and varied wildlife. The Sahyadri’s are an asylum for innumerable birds and animals like deer and gaurs (Indian bison), Malayan giant squirrels, monkeys, cobras and pythons, black panthers ,tigers and elephants. Goa is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts with the vibrant flora and fauna found here.

Goa’s only bird sanctuary, the...

Dona Paula

Easily the most popular on the list of tourists, Dona Paula is the idyllic destination of Goa which lies at the spot where the Mandovi and Zuari rivers meet the Arabian Sea.

The romantic legend of Dona Paula draws the crowds. Named after the daughter of the Viceroy of Goa, Dona Paula de Menezes threw herself off the cliff when she was refused permission to marry a local fisherman Gasper Dias. It is said that her body is...Read More...

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