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THE LINEN SHOPPE- shop in an ancient epoch…. 

‘Culture can be depicted best in the form of architecture.’

Owing to the Portuguese rule for 450 yrs, Goan architecture offers you a chance to experience the bygone era. Goan heritage homes have a flamboyant architectural panache of Portuguese era with a hint of European flavor. These ancestral homes have now become attractive business hubs.
‘Campal’- a developed, commercial space, is marked as a pool of cultural heritage. It holds several familial homes that will get you floating back to the ancient times. They have now become trendy business homes, carrying an infusion of past and present and attracting tourists.

One such transformed legacy is the ‘The Linen Shoppe.’
A splendid colonial mansion standing proud for over a century was inherited by Mr. Agnelo and Patricia Pinto (Civic and Environment activist). Poised with ornate plants embellishing the verandah, and an indigenously constructed compound wall; this heritage home is sure to remind you of obsolete, but golden era. When this house was bought by Mr. Pinto’s father, several rooms were lent out to the tenants. Later, when the idea of starting a business at home occurred, some of the rooms were transformed into offices.
Since then, several businesses were run by the family, including construction and plumbing business.

Sometime in 90’s, Mrs. Patricia Pinto thought of starting a retail linen shop in one of the rooms. Although, she knew it wasn’t the right place to start as it wouldn’t pour in many customers, she felt that this place would give the people a nice, warm and welcoming ambience, which a commercial space lacks; here one can shop at ease with no impositions. Moreover, she herself could take out some time for herself and feel at home. “With the shop running right here in my house, I can take out some time for a coffee and relax whenever I wish to…” she says.

Though her little shop is not in the limelight, she never intends to promote it through big banners or hoardings as it may spoil the charm and beauty of the precinct.
When I got a chance to visit this lovely place, I could see birds chirping in the courtyard, trees enveloping the house; demarcating it from the outer concrete world. It had a very archaic but affable touch, just like its gracious owners….
So never give a second thought before dropping in here… One can shop for hand-woven furnishing and accessories having contemporary streak in an antiquated environment…



Ernesto’s – Where Eating comes Easy!                                                   Author: Claire Theresa Antao for Herald Mirror


It was better than most restaurant boards. It wasn’t a board to begin with and ran simply in a casual cursive scribble of lights, reading Ernesto’s. That’s where we were eating tonight. A little Goan house, set among others of its kind in the peaceful neighbourhood of Fontainhas where the Latin douceur still hangs around.

The wooden tables were set simply along the veranda and by the bar. We chose the table by the bar of course, where the drinks come quicker. Ernesto and brother Vasquito are quick to greet you, both brimming with good humour and a laid back easy style; they make you feel welcome immediately.

The drinks came first and quickly, but of course. I tried my tongue at some whiskey (for the umpteenth time) from across the table and was convinced that I still hadn’t acquired the taste for it, a pity really; Scotland taught me nothing. I settled comfortably with my red – Cabernet Sauvignon, still impressed with my French pronunciation as I watched tiny winged things flirting with my candlelight.

Garlic toast and Tempura prawns served with sweet soy and wasabi mayonnaise were the perfect entrees and tingled the taste buds, preparing them for the masterpieces that were to come. After some sipping and munching, light music, easy laughter (even easier with the spirits), friendly banter and occasional glances at the creeper infested old Fiat ambassador across the road (which fit in with the surrounding); our food arrived on a platter.

I stuck to my red again, a Steak au poivre (a.k.a. Pepper Steak), a gorgeous chunk of red, cooked medium rare on a bed of warm steamed veggies covered in a brown pepper sauce, simply a divine teeth sinking experience. The Barbeque Baby back Ribs (Pork ribs in barbecue sauce), are Vasquito’s speciality and a must try for every leitão lover. The Fettuccini con polo is a delicately flavoured pasta in a creamy sauce with mushrooms, herbs, parmesan and little chicken nugget surprises all fusing together perfectly – Kids will love this one.

Promising myself to try the Chicken Cafreal another time as Vasquito tells us it is the authentic Mozambique recipe, I sipped in the last drop of wine. Dessert looked and smelt heavenly and it was hard to resist but I’m avoiding sweets like the H1N1 at the moment and had to refrain. I saw raw satisfaction on the faces around me as they dug into soft beds of custard apple and tender coconut mousse. My sacrifice.

For those wondering if it’s the same Ernesto’s pub near Club Vasco in Panjim, you are right it is the same guy. He’s relocated and also cut his hair. Ernesto’s is all about good food, good drink and good times; an easy, friendly ambience with excellent food, good quantity at reasonable rates.

Cabernet Sauvignon (ka-behr-NAY soh-vee-NYAWN )- A variety of black grape used to make red wine, notably in Bordeaux(France) and the Napa Valley(California, USA) and the dry red wine made from this grape.
Tempura- A deep fry batter is a very popular Japanese food brought to Japan by the Portuguese.
Wasabi- The thick green root of the wasabi plant that the Japanese use in cooking; tastes like strong horseradish.



Pig out on Barbeque Baby back Ribs pay Rs.250/-
Fork into Fettuccini con polo for Rs.220/-
Sink your canines into Steak au poivre spend Rs.220/-


(Ernesto can be contacted at ernestosgoa@gmail.com.)


Sunapranta - Goa Centre for the Arts


Sunaparanta - Goa Centre for the Arts is a Dattaraj V. Salgaonkar initiative with the following broad aims and objectives: to preserve the artistic and cultural legacies of Goa through collections and archives; to encourage, sponsor and promote innovative work in the visual arts; to serve as a bridge between the Goan art community and the international art communities; and most importantly, to provide mentoring and resource support to art students and others who want to learn about art. It is conveniently located in the picturesque Altinho hills of Panjim, where residents and visitors to Goa can benefit from a year-long schedule of arts activities and exhibitions. They believe that a thriving arts culture helps to build community and can provide economic benefits to the communities in which it exists. Besides enriching the lives of the residents in the area, their arts activities and those developed by partnership efforts with local community groups and organizations, will hopefully play a role in attracting tourists to the area, and help generate revenues for the local community.



Vivenda dos Palhacos


Vivenda dos Palhacos is a one hundred year old, carefully renovated house set on a very quiet* cul-de-sac in the village** of Majorda, in South Goa. The longest beach, with the most beautiful sand in Goa, is about a kilometer away. Guests are very welcome to rent a bicycle or grab a lift down there in our customized Tuk-Tuk***.

Vivenda dos Palhacos has three quite different atmospheres. At the front of the house, is a modest Portuguese Mansion, built in 1929. It has a hall, two large bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a sitting room leading out to a veranda and a large dining room to seat twenty.

The older Hindoo house, behind, is made from thick rammed earth walls with three double bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms. All our bedrooms have fans as well as air-conditioners. The latter are not usually required until March or April.

At the back of the house is the main garden with a 12m swimming pool, private dining and sun bathing areas and a self-contained cottage.
Any person who runs his/her business in a heritage home/structure may please send a short note on it along with a photograph on info@heritagejazz.com and we will carry it on this website.


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