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Heritage Jazz was conceptualized by Armando Gonsalves with the sole aim of providing a platform for jazz music and fusion music as well as creating the awareness of the rich heritage of Goan homes.

Two of the most enduring aspects of Goan life are the home and music. And, in one stroke, both of these intimate Goan attributes get fused in a programme, which is now acclaimed by all.

Armando is a pianist himself and used to perform at the earlier shows held in the verandah of his home. His love for music and the arts is well known, and our next project is an art gallery within the same Gonsalves Mansion which has made jazz hot property in Goa.

Gonsalves Mansion - The Home of Jazz in India

Despite being in the real estate business, Armando’s love for culture and art far exceeds any of his connection with the real estate business. When the Regional Plan 2011 was being formulated, it was through his initiative that the heritage zone of Campal was earmarked as a “Preservation Zone” thus not allowing for any desecration of that region.

However, since the properties cannot be developed, there is a need for funding as well as fiscal support and Governmental spending in infrastructure, so that the people of the region can benefit in terms of higher rents, etc.. Email us if you can help in any way.

Our thought for Campal includes setting up of home based restaurants and shops that are unique. Another idea is to request the government to make the zone a wine and beer area so that residents can set up wine and beer restaurants for the discerning traveler. Sponsorship from beer and wine majors would be the next automatic choice, and the sky is the limit when we all hold hands to make it work.

Armando is also a writer, and his penchant for music has made him write in various local dailies including the local edition of the Times of India.

Our philosophy is to unite people in Goa under the Spirit of Goa since so many “so called outsiders” are the back bone of the cultural circuit here, and people who get attracted by the essence of Goa and who imbibe Goanness, are an essential element of Goa.

Heritage Jazz got the right boost from Armando’s 8 year old son Nihal, who came up with amazing videos of the verandah shows as well as the Heritage Jazz shows, something which made sponsors sit up and take notice.

Rebello Mansion, Betalbatim

Just like Goa , jazz will never die. Goans have been in the forefront in music from time immemorial and Goan musicians have done us proud in the jazz clubs of America and countless music arenas in India . Jazz and Goa . We have to be around to protect and to nurture two such old and graceful legacies of Time itself – the living heritage of Goa and Jazz. We merge both together to form a uniquely sensory art form we call Heritage Jazz.

Heritage Jazz was an unplanned birth at the large Gonsalves Mansion in Campal, on the heritage area to the west of Panjim. It started off as a number of fun shows which turned into jazz events. Gonsalves Mansion then became the birth place of Jazz in Goa and jazz concerts have become synonymous with this majestic house, smilingly holding to its heart music and song of decades gone by. By the looks of it trees also love music and the huge rain trees in this still green area of Panjim, shiver with delight when velvet notes of violins, drums and keyboards waft upwards and across in the soft night air.

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