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Who are we? Yes, that is always a nice and interesting question when put to people of passion, which we are.

Heritage Jazz has now become a big name across the music firmament, but our heart is where it should be, doing things out of love for Goa’s heritage, music and people. It started off as verandah shows at the majestic family mansion of the Gonsalves family in Campal, and the man behind this is Armando Gonsalves, a passionate pianist, heritage lover, writer, a man deeply involved with education and children, and a man whose raison d’etre is his love for Goa and his children.

Heritage Jazz is an enduring concept, a concept that has brought various exciting possibilities including a new thought for Goa. After all, what are the main elements of Goan life? They are music, the home, heritage and football. Heritage Jazz unites the first three with ease since our events are held in majestic heritage homes, the main one being Gonsalves Mansion that is Armando’s personal residence. And amazingly, we have even managed to fuse football into the scheme of things when we raised funds for the Brasil Futebol Academia via a show with the renowned Brazilian Band Acuri in August 2009.

Goa is a place that is loved by everyone because there is something for everyone. There is the freshness in the air, the brilliance of its landscape, the stunning architectural heritage, the calming communal harmony amongst other things. Truly, the Spirit of Goa is exciting, all encompassing and benign, but for that to remain in a century that is abuzz with all that is Indian, we have to be careful that we do not lose it all at the altar of money and greed. And this is what we stand for, for uniting peoples from across the world in a canvas of camaraderie, love and brotherhood. The music of Goa blends so easily with the heritage and the Goan home, and we feel proud that a simple down to earth concept gives so much to the enrichment of the Goan Spirit that we all love.

As development reaches a frenzied pace, there is a great chance that the true heritage and the Spirit of Goa may also be bulldozed. While we are certainly not against development, we just ask, what type of development? Is it not possible for Goa to have development on the lines of education, heritage related tourism amongst other forms that already exist, medical tourism, music, art and culture? Wouldn’t everyone be happy? Wouldn’t even the real estate lobby be happy to construct universities, foundations, infrastructure for large stadia etc etc?

Goa is at its crossroads, and everyone is looking towards the future with great hope. We too are at the same crossroads, and in a humble way are thankful to Goa that He has given a chance to contribute a little more than we expected to do.

We are the best known Jazz name in India today, and this can be seen from various quarters, and we request you to check out the links provided under:

At the level of the person, Heritage Jazz is led by Armando, and he is extremely thankful to his son Nihal for the active support he has given him in this concept right from the time he was a little boy of 7 (six years ago), his daughter Zenisha for being a constant inspiration in thought and his mother Aduzinda for being the backbone of whatever happens at the Home of Jazz in India….Gonsalves Mansion!



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