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Once again the veranda of the beautiful Gonsalves Mansion was buzzing with life and vibrancy! It was fizzing with paints, colors, brushes, easels, canvases and young murmurs! Heritage Jazz in association with eminent artists, Unnati Singh and Salvador Fernandes  organized a 4 days painting workshop for the underprivileged kids from the St. Inez Nullah area. The workshop commenced on Monday, 7th June 2010 and continued till Thursday, 10th June 2010 every afternoon at 4 pm. This indeed was a terrific way for young kids to be creative with paints and brushes.
The queen of brushes, Unnati Singh flew from the city of glamour, Mumbai, with the sole intention of inspiring young minds towards this form of art. Her sincere passion for art combined with the zeal to do something for these children brought her tête-à-tête with Mr. Armando Gonsalves, the CEO of Heritage Jazz and together they decided upon conducting the most enlightening painting workshop.
It was a brilliant opportunity to teach children how to think outside the box and pour their heart out. The amazing thing about painting with children is that each painting is truly a work of art to them, even if you can't tell what it is. These painting lessons have provided full liberty to the children to choose their favorite style, and to paint down their vivid imaginations. It is definitely a gleaming opportunity for art making and creative expression in order to build confidence, self-esteem and critical thinking skills in people of all backgrounds.

Later that week, the lovely verandah of the Gonsalves Mansion was camouflage into a vivacious art gallery. Following the workshop sessions; the contemporary creations by Unnati Singh and Salvador Fernandes were showcased on Friday, 11th June 2010. With paint brushes harbored in their tiny fists and face smudged with colours, these young wonders were on their way to create wonderful works of art. Their works were on display as well. This was indeed a significant chance to procure some of the remarkable creations as souvenirs and many including Fr Joaquim Loiola Pereira did that out of sheer glee, that the kids produced such wonderful work. Thanks to people of his ilk, who continue to support amazing things all the time!



 Heritage Jazz pulls at the heartstrings, yet again!


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Heritage Jazz continues to do many things on the social platform whether it has been working with the blind, or raising funds for tsunami victims, or having music workshops for school kids across Goa, or organizing peace events through music, or helping out various NGO”s in different ways, or teaching Konkani music to the St Inez Nullah kids or doing so many other things that pull at the heart strings! But the latest initiative, of celebrating the 81st birthday of Armando Gonsalves’ mother, Aduzinda, at the old aged home La Santa Margarida in Divar, is something that brought cheer not only to the people in their silver years but also to various other members of the local community in Divar, the ancestral village of Armando and family.


Blind With Camera



  Blind With Camera (a project of the Beyond Sight Foundation, Mumbai) was held in Goa on 10th & 11th July for a photographic workshop headed by Partho Bhowmick along with the visually impaired people from Goa at the Sta.Cruz i.e.opposite football groundbehind Virdavan Hospital. This is the first of its kind workshop conducted in Goa with the locals.
The workshop is conducted in coordination with NAB (National Association for the Blind), Goa and supported by Heritage Jazz, Goa.
In aid of Brasil Futebol Academia

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On the picture to the left, Armando Gonsalves from Heritage Jazz seen along with Roberto Mendes Silva from The Brasil Futebol Academia.

‘Heritage Jazz’, played host to Acuri, World famous Brazilian instrumental maestros. They performed live at the Gonsalves Mansion on August 15 th 2009 and the show was conceptualized by Heritage Jazz with the sole aim of uniting Jazz and Football and with that mission in mind -100% of the proceeds of the gate collection went to Brazil Futebol Academia.


In aid of Tsunami Victims 2004-2005

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On the picture to the left, Armando Gonsalves from Heritage Jazz seen donating a cheque towards the Navhind Times Tsunami Relief Fund for Tsunami victims. On the picture to the right seen from left to right are Mr. Kalangutkar, Advertising Manager of The Navhind Times, Mr.Armando Gonsalves of Trancemedia, Mr. Arun Sinha, Editor,The Navhind Times, Mr. Suresh Walve, Editor,Navprabha, Mr. Ashok Naik, Mayor of Panjim, Mr. Lesley Menezes, Freelance Journalist and Mr. Bossuet Coutinho, Proprietor, Confidant.


In aid of Siolim Orphanage

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The Jazz and Fusion Curry show held on the 1 st of October was a charity event where the funds collected at the gate went out to the Spirit of Goa organization. Spirit of Goa is involved in the socio cultural scene and their activities include having health camps for the poor, providing food and clothing to orphans etc..

On these photographs, you can see Sister Augusta of Umed with the children of the Siolim orphanage where Spirit of Goa organized a lunch for the inmates.


In aid of The National Association for the Blind

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Liberate your Jazz, an event held on 19th December 2006 in aid of the National Association for the Blind, Goa Chapter.


In aid of Sethu

Armando Gonsalves of Heritage Jazz seen along with the dynamic quintet at Sethu, led by Dr. Nandita D’Souza (in dark blue) at their Headquarters in Miramar.


  Shalini Fernandes of Sethu distributing the clothes to a bright little child.       It is the turn of Anjali Barretto to keep a child’s heart racing.

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On the 10 th of February, 2007, The Spirit of Goa organization and ourselves gave out clothes sent by renowned apparel company Tommy Hilfiger to Sethu, a non profit organization led by Dr. Nandita D’Souza. Sethu does yeoman service towards the cause of children in Goa. You can check out what they do at www.sethu.in



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