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Calling all Jazz musicians

Musicians from all over the world have performed with us and this has helped bring jazz alive with our unique heritage jazz concerts. Our job is to pamper the performers so that they return to Goa again and again. We handle it all - accommodation, food, publicity, even a small fee. All we need is you and your awesome talent. Jazz musicians and jazz lovers have come together to make heritage jazz a living breathing entity in Goa today.

Performers from across the world have come to gift their talent to Goa. Some of those jazz greats include Tala Faral from Madagascar and USA, George Brooks, Leni Stern, Sunny Jain and Gary Wong, Jayson Jones of Chicago, Mathias IA Eklundh, Niclas Campagnol, Toronto based Shuffle Demons, Mandu Sarara, a five-member band from Brazil led by Beto Sporleder, and our very own bands including Megha, Blue Fire and musicians like Belinda Oliveira, Don Saigal and his daughter Sonia, Babush Santana, a veritable virtuoso who is completely blind, George Fernandez, Lester Godinho, Carlos Monteiro, Mac Douradoand Benny Rosario The music keeps playing and we look forward to welcoming more musicians from all over the world to perform here. So what are you waiting for pick up a phone or drop us a line. We can help in writing to respective embassies and culture organizations and inviting you to participate in the festivals that we organize.

Our reach is pretty wide; we can even help you with contacts in other important cities in India such as Bangalore, Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi so that you can have gigs in those cities as well.

What you need to do is send us your photographs, press kit and DVD/CD to the following address and let's take this forward:

So cmon, add your rhythm to Goa's symphony. If you have the music we have the place.

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